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“The Web’s Next Generation: Web 2.0”
Article: “The Web’s Next Generation: Web 2.0—As Published in PRSA Tactics March 2006,” by Ed Schipul of Shipul Web Marketing. Published in the “Tactics” journal of the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA), the article gives a brief overview of Web 2.0, including example sites Wikipedia, and, and offers tips for PR professionals to begin the transition into a new-media environment.
“The ‘New” News Release”
Article: “The ‘New” News Release,” by Ed Lee of, discusses the evolution of social media-optimized press releases and describes some of its features including trackbacks, RSS, tagging and social media submission buttons.
“Blogs Force Change in PR Agency Practices”
Q&A: “Blogs Force Change in PR Agency Practices,” from, discusses the growing trend of corporate and CEO blogging as a public relations tool. Also provides Q&As with Edelman Worldwide CEO Richard Edelman, Converseon president Rob Key, and Robert Marston & Associates Senior Director Jim Horton on topics including blogging within the PR industry, the incorporation of search engine optimization into Internet public relations, the resistance of some traditional PR agencies to embrace changing technologies, and others.
“Die! Press Release! Die! Die! Die!”
Article: “Die! Press Release! Die! Die! Die!” by Silicon Valley Watch publisher and former Financial Times columnist Tom Foremski, laments the inefficiencies and wasted effort involved in the distribution of traditional press releases. Proposes that press release writers segment content into factual, useable categories and apply specific title tags to facilitate the creation and editing process.
“PR 2.0 Essentials”
Tutorial: “PR 2.0 Essentials,” provided by Shift Communications, is a reference guide containing information for PR professionals about Web 2.0 trends likely to play an important role in the public relations industry, including: RSS, Blogging, Memes, Tagging, Podcasts, Wikis, Social Networking, Social Bookmarking and the Social Media Press Release.
PRWeek Awards Party Video Interviews
Video: Six-minute video from BeetTV at the PRWeek Awards Party contains interviews with Richard Edelman of Edelman Worldwide, who discusses the integration of new media and corporate blogging into his company’s public relations strategy, including the campaigns of big-name clients such as and Wal-Mart; Mary Stutts of Genentech, who considers the Internet a new distribution channel for PR, rather than a fatal blow to the industry; and Aedhmar Hynes of public relations consulting company Text 100, who stresses the importance of considering a client’s objectives before assuming the Internet is the best medium for a public relations campaign.
“‘Tag It!’ Says MicroPersuasion’s Steve Rubel”
Video: “‘Tag It!’ Says MicroPersuasion’s Steve Rubel,” is a brief two-minute interview from BeetTV in which Steve Rubel discusses the use of Web 2.0 technologies such as RSS feeds and tagging in online press releases and public relations.
Blog: PR-Squared, the PR 2.0 blog of Shift Communications principal Todd Defren, discusses the impact of technology, including the integration of blogs, social media and Web 2.0 ideology, into the rapidly changing PR industry.
“A Modern PR Tool: Social Media Press Release”
Article: “A Modern PR Tool: The Social Media Press Release,” from the online PR blog of Mihaela Lica, founder of the public relations consulting company Pamil Visions. Addresses Tom Foremski’s catalytic blog post entitled, “Die! Press Release! Die! Die! Die!” and the ensuing “hRelease” microformat. Contains an interview with Joe Beaulaurier of PRWeb concerning its use of social media functionality in its Internet public relations efforts.
Online Press Release Podcasts
Podcast: 30-minute discussion between PRWeb CEO David McInnis, online marketing expert and The New Rules of PR author David Meerman Scott, and copywriting expert Brian Clark of Addresses the new role of the online press release as a means of direct communication with the end user, and the resulting effect on traditional media, along with the importance of properly optimizing PR for search engine findability and incorporating “trackbacks” that allow for the tracking of backlinks to a public relations release.
SMPR Template
Original social media press release (SMPR) template developed and openly released to the PR community by Shift Communications, a traditional and new media public relations service, to promote the development of an industry standard for the SMPR.
“Elements of a Social Media Press Release”
Article: “Elements of a Social Media Press Release,” by online communications expert Chris Heuer, provides the working set of standard elements for a social media press release (called an “hRelease” microformat) and describes in detail the various sections of a release including headline, sub-headline, highlights/key facts, tags/keywords, links/URLs, link types, reserved link types, quotes, embedded audio, video and images, embedded microformats, inclusion of a traditional press release, company information, contact information, a company RSS feed, date/time stamp, modifications/corrections, geography, source URL and trackback URL.
hRelease Workspace
The hRelease Workspace is a registered user wiki dedicated to the creation of a standard microformat for a “new media press release,” a press release designed to incorporate Web 2.0 elements including tagging, social media submission buttons, RSS feeds and “trackbacks.”
“How to Write a Social Media Press Release”
Article: “How to Write a Social Media Press Release, Why, and What It All Means,” by Brian Solis of Future Works, describes the role of social media-optimized press releases as a means of supplementing, rather than replacing, traditional public relations campaigns and presents the opinions of several industry experts, including Lee Odden of TopRank Online Marketing and Todd Defren of Shift Communications.
“How to Write a Social Media Press Release Part II
Article: “How to Write a Social Media Press Release—Part II,” by Brian Solis of Future Works, outlines the process of creating a social media press release: headline, sub-headline, news summary, quotes, market facts and relevant links, company info, image/s link, RSS link, Technorati tags, bookmarks, newsharing (Digg and Newsvine), and contact info. Also offers a brief note on distribution, listing Internet wire services that accommodate social media and search engine optimized press releases.
“How to Create a Compelling SMPR”
Article: “How to Create a Compelling Social Media Press Release,” by Brian Solis of the Silicon Valley PR company Future Works, discusses ways of incorporating the social media functionality of sites such as, Technorati and into an effective Web 2.0 press release. Also lists several PR distribution services that will handle social media-integrated press releases including PRWeb, PRNewswire, Businesswire, Weblogwire, Marketwire and PRXbuilder.
Edelman Worldwide Social Media Press Release
Social media press release from Edelman Worldwide, an international public relations firm that was named PRWeek’s 2006 Large Agency of the Year, announcing the release of its web-hosted social media press release creation software tool called StoryCrafter.
PRX Builder Tool
Tool: PRX Builder social media press release creation tool based in Portable Release XML (a custom XML document format) is designed to help users create well segmented, re-mixable press releases that incorporate social media elements such as links, tags and multimedia elements in a highly distributable format.

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