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del.icio.usMinimize is a social bookmarking (or tagging) site. Sign up for an account to create a collection of your favorite web sites, blogs, news stories, etc. Share your favorites with other users or check out the sites that others have bookmarked. Search by keyword to find sites users have tagged related to that keyword. Each result includes a link to the site and shows the number of users who have saved that site in their bookmarks.
“Social Bookmarking for Traffic”
Article: “Social Bookmarking for Traffic,” by Mark Daoust. Describes social bookmarking sites such as and social media sites such as Digg and how they can be used to generate large amounts of traffic and increase the number of links to a site. 
“Social Bookmarks: Not for Bloggers Only”
Article: “Social Bookmarks: Not for Bloggers Only,” by Riverside Marketing Strategies principal Heidi Cohen for the Clickz Network, discusses the use of social bookmarking as a tool for Internet marketers. Defines “social bookmarking” and describes its use, and suggests ways of optimizing content for increased exposure through services like, StumbleUpon and Google Bookmarks.
“Social Bookmarking and Marketing”
eBook: “Social Bookmarking and Marketing,” is a 28-page, fee-based report by Dr. Ralph Wilson of the Web Marketing Today online newsletter. Discusses social bookmarking, strategies for incorporating it into an Internet marketing effort and provides links to over 30 related articles.

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Update :: December 13, 2019