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Software as a Service (SaaS)
Software as a Service (SaaS) Resources
"Why Software as a Service?"
White paper: "Why Software as a Service?" by Mitch Cipriano, VP, Marketing, OpSource. Discusses user benefits including: lower cost of ownership, focus on core competency, access anywhere, freedom to choose, new application types, faster product cycles; vendor benefits including: increase total available market, enhanced competitive differentiation, lower development costs and quicker time to market, effective low-cost marketing, predictable monthly recurring revenue (MRR), and improved customer relationships.
"Software as a Service: A Comprehensive Look..."
White Paper: “Software as a Service: A Comprehensive Look at the Total Cost of Ownership of Software Applications," from TechRepublic. Discusses the costs involved in maintaining in-house software applications (including upgrades, technical support and user education), and  how SaaS helps eliminate some of the cost associated with in-house applications.
Executive Briefing: “Software as a Service”
Executive Briefing: “Software as a Service,” January 2006, from Computerworld. This for-purchase briefing discusses how application service providers (ASPs) are now delivering software as a service (SaaS), SaaS services including: applications, tools, security, maintenance, monitoring, reporting; what IT managers should consider such as: limited customization, costly subscriptions, developing new skills, practical advice on evaluating hosted services (applications and vendors), and companies using SaaS.
O'Reilly Media SaaS Listings
O'Reilly Media listing of SaaS articles, blogs and conferences. The SaaS resources are broken down by category, including blogs, conferences, O'Reilly Radar, ONLamp, the O'Reilly Network along with the number of resources available in each category. Topics include the economics of SaaS companies, differences between ASP and SaaS, the importance of SaaS, SaaS and Web 2.0, and proprietary software.
"Market Strategy Report: Software As A Service"
Report: "Market Strategy Report: Software As A Service," by Phil Wainewright of Summit Strategies. Discusses traditional ISVs' evolving software-as-a-service strategies, an time line, application hosting, net-native delivery, server hosting, SaaS components, functionality, customization, architectural evolution, characteristics of SaaS product architectures, multi-tiered (rather than desktop-centric) applications, web-based rather than Windows-based, shareable infrastructure, traditional resellers, SaaS providers, two-tier relationships, recalibrating strategies, mapping out an SaaS plan, web-enabled applications, and identifying partners.
Microsoft SaaS Resource Page
Microsoft Software as a Service resource page. Resources include the Service Providers Licensing Agreement (SPLA), the SaaS On-Ramp Program (for ISVs), the Microsoft Partner Program, customer case studies, Microsoft Channel Builder, and technical partnering (including Windows Live Dev, Windows Live Gallery, Microsoft Office Live Partner, Windows Marketplace, and SaaS Hosting Partners).
Microsoft's Developers Network SaaS Page
Microsoft's Developers Network Software as a Service (SaaS) page includes links to a sample application, a case study, articles, webcasts, related links (such as SaaS for business decision makers, Microsoft solution for Windows-based hosting for applications, and the Microsoft hosting webcast series), events and downloads.
Software As A Service (SaaS) Wiki
Software As A Service (SaaS) definition from Wikipedia. Discusses key characteristics of SaaS, types of SaaS providers, levels of maturity for SaaS solutions, on-demand open source software, ASP vs. Saas, developments that make SaaS possible, and the cons of SaaS adoption.
"The Future of IT in Large Corporations"
White Paper: "The Future of IT in Large Corporations: A White paper on Software as a Service," from the Enterprise Software as a Service Working Group. Discusses the pitfalls of traditional on-premise software, the emergence of SaaS, business benefits of SaaS, reduced infrastructure acquisition and maintenance costs, ease of use, scalability, reliability, and the business success of SaaS providers.
"Software as a Service: The Next-Generation..."
White Paper: "Software as a Service: The Next-Generation Software Application Delivery Model for ISVs," from NaviSite. Explains what SaaS is, the benefits of SaaS, why end users are demanding SaaS, target companies for the SaaS model, benefits to end users (including lower costs, ability to go global, ease of deployment, scalability, monitoring, management, and security), benefits to ISVs, risk considerations, partnering with a service provider, support, and security. ation Software

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