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Business Opportunities
Entropia Universe Information
Learn more about the Entropia Universe, the real-cash economy, building a life, investing in yourself, and community. Developer Program
Learn about the developer program that allows you to create products for use in After you submit your product and it is approved by, you can use it yourself, make it available for others to use for free, or you can even sell it to other users.
Second Life Platform for 3-D Developers
Information for 3-D developers wishing to use the Second Life platform for development and sale of their applications.
Second Life Affiliate Program
Information about the Second Life Affiliate Program.
Business Proposals Link to Second Life
Email link for businesses wishing to submit a proposal to Second Life.
Business Applications Using Second Life
Information for businesses wishing to build an application using the Second Life platform, provide enhanced distribution for Second Life, expand an existing brand into the virtual world, introduce a community to Second Life, or do another type of business with Second Life.
White Paper: Making Machinima in Second Life
White paper: "Making Machinima in Second Life," November 2005, by Eric Call. Discusses technical tips, creative tips, an overview of the "Silver Bells and Golden Spurs" demo, production costs, distribution possibilities, video quality, production time, business opportunities, and convenience.
Avatar-Based Marketing
Article: "Avatar-Based Marketing: Companies spend large sums trying to segment, reach, and influence potential customers. They should think about targeting those customers’ online alter egos, as well." June 2006, by Paul Hemp. Discusses the enormous marketing opportunity within virtual worlds where advertisers can engage and interact with consumers. Within Second Life alone, users spend millions of dollars monthly on in-world transactions.
My Virtual Life
Article: "My Virtual Life: A journey into a place in cyberspace where thousands of people have imaginary lives. Some even make a good living. Big advertisers are taking notice," by Robert D. Hof (Business Week cover story, May 1, 2006). The author walks you through his journey on Second Life and discusses business opportunities.
Architecture's Virtual Shake-Up
Article: "Architecture's Virtual Shake-up," by Tayfun King of BBC News. Discusses how architects are designing virtual cities, the practical applications, and the revenue opportunities with virtual reality technology.

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