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Habbo Club Information
Become a member of the Habbo Club (a fee-based service) to get access to premium membership benefits including priority access, three new dances, 400 additional spaces for friends on your friends list, access to exclusive Habbo Club member spaces, one rare Furni item per month, special guest room layouts and special commands. For additional information about each of these Habbo Club benefits, check out
Habbo Hotel
Wikipedia entry for Habbo Hotel. Topics include history, features, moderation and guidance, Habbo hotels and fan sites.
Habbo FAQ
Habbo FAQ.
Habbo Soccer 2006 Tournament
Compete against others worldwide in the Habbo Soccer 2006 tournament.
Habbo Weekly TGIF Party
Hang out with the Habbo staff at the weekly TGIF party.
Habbo Entertainment Page
Habbo entertainment page is where you will find news and announcements about all of the entertainment happenings at Habbo including music, movies, sports and more. Also includes a list of the top 10 Habbowood movie directors.
Habbo Games Site
Habbo games site includes game news and announcements, game tickets, and links to specific games (Battle Ball, Wobble Squabble and Diving).
Latest Developments at Habbo
Learn more about the latest developments at Habbo in this blog.
Habbo User Interviews
Features weekly interviews with selected Habbo users.
Never Ending Story Submission
Read the Never Ending Story, then submit your 300-word (or shorter) continuation of the story. Each week, one submission is selected and the story keeps on going.
Habbo Tunes
Habbo Tunes includes music reviews from Habbo users. If you submit a review that is selected for the site, you'll receive 10 Habbo coins.
Habbo Classifieds
Check the Habbo classifieds to find event listings.
Habbo Staff Pick of the Week
Check out the Habbo staff pick of the week. Includes an interview with the site creator and screenshots.
Habbo News Site
Habbo news site keep you informed about all of the happenings within Habbo. Also includes forums, music, art, events and more.
Habbo Members Forum
Chat with other Habbo members in the Habbo discussion forum.
Habbo Fan Sites for Furni
Check out the Habbo fan sites for Furni, music, games, contests and more.
Habbo Community New Site
Habbo community new site includes news, event listings, staff articles, Habbo fan sites, classifieds, music and more. Go to to learn how to submit your own news articles.
Habbo Coins Information
The currency on Habbo is Habbo Coins. Learn how to buy Habbo coins online, via phone or SMS text messaging.
Adopt a Habbo Pet
Adopt a Habbo pet. You can choose what you want your pet to look like and name it. Each pet has a unique personality. Also, each day that you own the pet is equal to one year of the pet's life; the older the pet gets, the more lethargic the pet will become. How you treat your pet will affect its mood.
Decorating A Habbo Area with Furni
Start decorating your Habbo area with Furni (furniture). Learn how to buy Furni with Habbo coins. Check out the catalog of Furni (functional, seasonal, etc.) and the decorating examples.
Getting Started with Habbo
Learn how to get started using Habbo.
Habbo News
Get the latest Habbo news. Includes feature announcements, safety alerts and more.
Habbo Community Membership Rules
To become a member of the Habbo community, users must be at least 13 years of age. Parents should check out this guide to learn more about the safety and privacy policies.
Habbo Help and Safety Resources
Before you get started on Habbo, check out these help and safety resources.
Basic Features of Habbo
Learn about the basic features of Habbo including Habbo e-cards, adopting pets, Habbo coins (the currency for Habbo that allows you to buy furniture for your space, etc.), Habbo safety and more.
Habbo Virtual Community Membership
Join the Habbo virtual community to chat with other members, participate in events and games, design your own virtual space where you can interact with other members who share similar interests, create and host your own games and more.

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