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Virtural Worlds Resource Center


Web Chatters Upgrade Their Identities for Virtual
Article: "Self 2.0: Internet Users Put a Best Face Forward: Web Chatters Upgrade Their Identities for Virtual Life," by Yuki Noguchi of the Washington Post.
History of Virtual Worlds
Includes a history of virtual worlds and several articles.
Categorized List of Virtual Worlds
Categorized list of virtual worlds. Categories include virtual worlds that are best for kids, teens, 20s-30s, ages 40+, techies, newbies, artists, dial-up, free access, Mac access, and broadband access.
Online Virtual World Resources
Resource for online virtual worlds. Includes links to several virtual world sites, articles and more.
Journey on Second Life
Article: "My Virtual Life: A journey into a place in cyberspace where thousands of people have imaginary lives. Some even make a good living. Big advertisers are taking notice," by Robert D. Hof (Business Week cover story, May 1, 2006). The author walks you through his journey on Second Life and discusses business opportunities.
Wikipedia Entry for Avatar
Wikipedia entry for avatar (the characters in virtual worlds). Discusses the origin of the term avatar and includes links to avatar forums, games, instant messaging programs and more.
Wikipedia Entry for Virtual Worlds
Wikipedia entry for virtual worlds. Includes an overview of virtual worlds. Also discusses single-player games, virtual worlds in the classroom, the history of virtual worlds, and more.

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