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Virtural Worlds Resource Center

The Virtual Worlds Resource Center is your guide to 3-D virtual worlds and games. You'll find some of the cool sites where you can chat with friends, meet people with similar interests, play games with people from all over the world and even conduct business—all within virtual 3-D spaces. In our Virtual Worlds Resource Center you’ll find

  • A walkthrough of the Second Life 3-D virtual world where over 200,000 members from around the world interact, purchase virtual land or islands, set up stores and host events.
  • A walkthrough of There—a 3-D virtual hangout where you can meet and chat with friends, share videos, play games, join clubs, participate in auctions, join or host events and more.
  • A video demo that shows you how There works, and an animated video that shows you what happens when you arrive in There. Watch the avatar move around the area, alter his appearance, drive a car through the landscape, fly a plane and more.
  • A walkthrough of Habbo—a virtual community where you can chat with other members, participate in events and games, design your own virtual space where you can interact with other members who share similar interests, create and host your own games, play in a world-wide soccer tournament and more.
  • Information about Hive7—an AJAX-based virtual world that requires no software downloads. Hive 7 members can chat with others, listen to music, go shopping, play a game of chess, upload images from Flickr and videos from YouTube, and more.
  • A tour of IMVU—a 3-D chat site.
  • Virtual world game sites including The Sims Online from EA Games, where players colonize the virtual planet, Calypso.
  • Business opportunities in virtual worlds, such as selling applications and products for use within the virtual world sites, buying and selling land, and more.
  • An article entitled, "Avatar-Based Marketing: Companies spend large sums trying to segment, reach, and influence potential customers. They should think about targeting those customers’ online alter egos, as well." This article discusses the enormous marketing opportunity within virtual worlds.
  • A Business Week article entitled, "My Virtual Life: A journey into a place in cyberspace where thousands of people have imaginary lives. Some even make a good living. Big advertisers are taking notice," in which the author walks you through his journey on Second Life and discusses business opportunities.
  • Virtual worlds tutorials sample chapters and books.
  • Virtual worlds resources, FAQs, wikis, and more.

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Update :: January 23, 2020