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Clearspring Technologies Inc.
“What’s a Widget?”
Video: “What’s a Widget?” from Clearspring Technologies founder Hooman Radfar defines the term “widget” and describes the importance of mini-application functionality in light of the trend toward an increasingly personalized Internet experience, while demonstrating a Clearspring widget that displays the statistics of a user’s favorite NBA athlete. Content Owners Page’s Content Owners page describes the value of widgets as a means of delivering personalized web content, outlines several problems with widget distribution and monetization, and presents Clearspring services such as widget repackaging for universal compatibility and scalable analytics services that are tailored to address those issues.
Clearspring Technologies Inc. widget development, analytics and syndication service provides an open source development platform, helps to track and monetize widgets and extends widget compatibility to major engines such as Windows Vista, Google Desktop and

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Update :: January 17, 2020