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Cool Desktop Widgets and Gadgets
Movie Ticket Finder Sidebar Gadget
Movie Ticket Finder is a gadget for the Windows Vista Sidebar that displays movie listings in your area by searching and Fandango ticket search. The gadget can also display new and upcoming movie releases and recent movie trailers.
Facebook Watch Dashboard Widget
Facebook Watch widget for Apple Dashboard Widgets allows you to monitor your profile from the popular social networking site The widget displays information from your wall (profile message board) and allows you to check recently updated friend profiles, friend and group invitations, and your message inbox.
MadLibs Dashboard Widget
MadLibs widget for Apple Dashboard Widgets prompts you to enter various parts of speech and then fills in an otherwise innocuous story with your random word choices, resulting in something nonsensical and humorous. This widget is only compatible with Mac OS X and will not run on Windows engines.
On Tour Widget
On Tour widget for the Yahoo! Widget Engine and Apple Dashboard Widgets displays concert listings for your location with date, artist, and venue. Allows you to check further tour dates by clicking an artist and opens a browser with the OnTour website for ticket information. Compatibility with iTunes let’s the widget highlight concerts from artists in your iTunes music catalog and get audio samples from the iTunes store.
Generic Countdown Timer Yahoo! Widget
Generic Countdown Timer for the Yahoo! Widget engine allows you to specify a certain amount of time or choose a specific time of day and this widget will automatically display the countdown on your desktop. Preferences allow you to adjust the dial font, change the color scheme and choose your own sound file as an alarm.
Yahoo! Weather Widget
Yahoo! Weather Widget for the Yahoo! Widget engine provides real time information about the weather in your location. Provides the current temperature and weather graphic, along with five-day high and low temperatures and even the current phase of the moon.
Concise System Info Google Gadget
Concise System Info Google Gadget is a small window on your desktop that displays real time system performance statistics including your total CPU usage, amount of free RAM and virtual memory, total network bandwidth in use and the percent of disk space in use.
Wikipedia Search Google Gadget
Wikipedia Search Google Gadget allows you to search for Wikipedia articles right from your desktop. The gadget provides a short definition within the frame of the desktop gadget and can call up the complete article in an Internet browser for further research.
“10 Must Have Gadgets for Windows Vista Sidebar”,1558,2105925,00.asp
Article: “10 Must Have Gadgets for Windows Vista Sidebar,” by Joel Durham of, gives a brief description of the Vista Sidebar’s functionality and suggests ten gadgets from Microsoft’s Gadget Gallery including the “App Launcher” quick start bar, “Clipboard History” display, “Multi Meter” CPU usage display, “Package Tracker”, Google and Wikipedia desktop search, AccuWeather Forecast and Radar, “Sphere Time” clock application, “Panda Cam” from the San Diego Zoo panda cage, and a mini Piano gadget.

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