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Widgets Resource Center

Cool Web Widgets and Gadgets
Babelfish Web Gadget
Babelfish translator web gadget from the Google Gadget Directory let’s you insert an application onto your webpage that uses the Babelfish API to translate text to and from English, French, Chinese, Greek, German, Russian, Dutch, Korean, Spanish, Japanese, Italian and Portuguese.
Google Map Web Gadget
Google Map web gadget from the Google Gadget Directory let’s you enter your street address and incorporate a custom interactive map into your blog or webpage using the Google Maps API. Users can scroll around the map, zoom in and out, and view your location as a map, satellite or hybrid image.
Unit Convert Web Gadget
Unit Convert web gadget from converts units of length, mass/weight, temperature or volume into US, Metric, or Ancient Egyptian measurement systems. Set the conversion parameters and the widget will instantly convert the numbers as you enter them.
Mini Amazon Web Gadget
Mini Amazon is a web gadget from that allows you to search the product page from your Google, Blogger, MySpace or other homepage. A trial version of the gadget is provided on the download page.

Safari Trial Subscriptuon

Update :: January 17, 2020