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Google Gadgets
Babelfish Web Gadget
Babelfish translator web gadget from the Google Gadget Directory let’s you insert an application onto your webpage that uses the Babelfish API to translate text to and from English, French, Chinese, Greek, German, Russian, Dutch, Korean, Spanish, Japanese, Italian and Portuguese.
Google Map Web Gadget
Google Map web gadget from the Google Gadget Directory let’s you enter your street address and incorporate a custom interactive map into your blog or webpage using the Google Maps API. Users can scroll around the map, zoom in and out, and view your location as a map, satellite or hybrid image.
Concise System Info Google Gadget
Concise System Info Google Gadget is a small window on your desktop that displays real time system performance statistics including your total CPU usage, amount of free RAM and virtual memory, total network bandwidth in use and the percent of disk space in use.
Wikipedia Search Google Gadget
Wikipedia Search Google Gadget allows you to search for Wikipedia articles right from your desktop. The gadget provides a short definition within the frame of the desktop gadget and can call up the complete article in an Internet browser for further research.
Widget Blog
Blog: The widget category from the blog of Niall Kennedy, the CEO of personal search startup Hat Trick Media who has previously done work for Microsoft Windows Live, Technorati and NexTag. Recent posts include articles entitled: “State of the Google Gadget Ecosystem: Gadget Features,” “Universality of the Web Widget” and “Memory Utilization of Widget Systems.”
“Creating a Gadget”
Tutorial: “Creating a Gadget,” includes instructions from Google on how to use the Gadget API to create a custom Google Desktop Gadget. Provides XML code examples. Topics include: “What Goes into a gadget.gmanifest File,”  “What Goes into a View XML File,” “Gadget Event Handling,” “Internationalization” and “Object Overviews.”
“Modifying the Hello World”
Tutorial: “Modifying the Hello World,” is a tutorial provided by Google that teaches a new developer about the Gadget API by taking them through the process of modifying an existing Google desktop gadget. After completing the tutorial, programmers should be able to create gadgets from the ground up.
Google Gadget Designer
Tool: Google Gadget Designer is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) in which to adjust and test the settings of a Google sidebar gadget once the user interface (UI) elements have been created.
“Using the Gadget API”
Page entitled, “Using the Gadget API,” is Google’s resource page for creating Google Desktop gadgets with its JavaScript API. Includes links to tutorials “Modifying Hello World” and “Creating a Gadget,” along with the Gadget API Reference and source code examples.

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Update :: January 17, 2020