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Microsoft Gadgets
Movie Ticket Finder Sidebar Gadget
Movie Ticket Finder is a gadget for the Windows Vista Sidebar that displays movie listings in your area by searching and Fandango ticket search. The gadget can also display new and upcoming movie releases and recent movie trailers.
“Gadgets: Write Once, Run Everywhere”
Blog entry: “Gadgets: Write Once, Run Everywhere,” from Donavon West, the CTO of and Microsoft MVP for Windows Live Development. Describes the creation of an example Web gadget (a digital clock display) and the adjustments necessary to make it work on the Windows Sidebar.
“10 Must Have Gadgets for Windows Vista Sidebar”,1558,2105925,00.asp
Article: “10 Must Have Gadgets for Windows Vista Sidebar,” by Joel Durham of, gives a brief description of the Vista Sidebar’s functionality and suggests ten gadgets from Microsoft’s Gadget Gallery including the App Launcher quick start bar, Clipboard History display, Multi Meter CPU usage display, Package Tracker, Google and Wikipedia desktop search, AccuWeather Forecast and Radar, Sphere Time clock application, Panda Cam from the San Diego Zoo, and Piano gadget.
"Creating Gadgets: Part 1"
Article: "Scripting in Windows Vista: Creating Gadgets: Part 1," Microsoft TechNet. Discusses an introduction to Microsoft gadgets, creating your first gadget, the gadgets folder, the manifest file, the HTML file, displaying data in a , creating an "auto-run" gadget, and creating an "auto-refresh" gadget.
Microsoft Gadget Builder Depot
The Microsoft Gadget Builder Depot offers resources for Live and Vista Sidebar gadget development. Includes a Sidebar Gadget Development Overview, Object Model, Tutorial and Blog, a Windows Live Gadget Resource document and Software Development Kit, and the Microsoft Developer Network Gadget Forums.
The Gadget Development Overview
The Gadget Development Overview from the Microsoft Developer Network guides you through the process of creating a gadget for the Microsoft Sidebar, a feature of Windows Vista. Topics include: Gadgets Preinstalled with Windows Sidebar, Windows Sidebar and Gadgets Architecture, How Gadgets Work, Gadget Files, Creating A Gadget, Gadget Background, Gadget System APIs, Gadget Settings, Packaging a Sidebar Gadget, Modifying and Reloading Gadget code, Support for Localization and Further Reference.
The Windows Live Gadget Developer’s Guide
The Windows Live Gadget Developer’s Guide provides a step-by-step walkthrough of the gadget creation process. The guide includes sections entitled “Introduction,” “Writing a Gadget,” “Advanced Gadget Techniques,” “Bindings Basics” and “Best Practices and Performance.”
Windows Live Gallery
The Windows Live Gallery (formerly the Microsoft Gadgets Gallery) offers hundreds of gadgets available either for the Windows Vista Sidebar or as add-ons that run off of Gadget categories include: Fun and Games, IM and Spaces, Lifestyle, Mail and Contacts, Music/Movies/TV, News and Feeds, Safety and Security, Search Tools, Tech/Geeky/Cool and Tools and Utilities.
Microsoft Gadgets Homepage
Microsoft Gadgets Homepage. Contains the latest Gadget News from Microsoft, along with links to the Windows Live Gallery of Web and Windows Sidebar gadgets, Microsoft’s Gadget Developer Resources and the Microsoft Developer Network Forums on Sidebar Gadget Development, Web Gadget Development and Sideshow Development.

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