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Widgets Resource Center

Widget/Gadget Directories
Yahoo! Widgets Gallery
The Yahoo! Widgets gallery offers thousands of free widgets compatible with the Yahoo! Widget engine. Widget categories include: Fun and Games, Date & Time, News Feeds, Systems Utilities, Sight & Sound, Geek Stuff, Cam Viewers, Widget Tools, App Enhancers and Search Tools. is a gadget directory that provides interactive mini-applications that can be added to a personalized web page. Gadgets are categorized into fun and games, entertainment, and tools and include everything from Black Jack to Mini, a widget that lets you browse Amazon from any page on the Web.
Taco Widgets
Taco Widgets is a company that builds widgets both for Apple Dashboard and Yahoo! Widget Engine. Available widgets include “Uncle Sam,” a random quote generator, “Old Faithful,” which allows you to watch the Old Faithful geyser via webcam, and others.
MuseStorm Widget Central
MuseStorm Widget Central is a directory of widgets developed with the MuseStorm widget engine. Widget categories include RSS, News, Finance, Search, Video, Miscellaneous, Books, Sports, Tech, Gadgets, Images, Favorites and Auctions.
Windows Live Gallery
The Windows Live Gallery (formerly the Microsoft Gadgets Gallery) offers hundreds of gadgets available either for the Windows Vista Sidebar or as add-ons that run off of Gadget categories include: Fun and Games, IM and Spaces, Lifestyle, Mail and Contacts, Music/Movies/TV, News and Feeds, Safety and Security, Search Tools, Tech/Geeky/Cool and Tools and Utilities.
Google Gadget Directory
Directory of gadgets (widgets) available for the Google Desktop. Included are both Google Gadgets and user-submitted gadgets arranged in the categories Holidays, News, Tools, Communication, Finance, Fun and Games, Google, Sports, Lifestyle, Technology or All. Module Directory
Directory of web-based widgets (called “modules” on this site) created by the developer community at, a Web 2.0 social site that allows users to create personal homepage in the form of an RSS or Atom feed. Find useful widgets by viewing the most recent modules, the most popular modules, or searching by keyword, and then add them to your website or blog simply by inserting the provided line of code.

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Update :: January 17, 2020