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Widgets Resource Center

Widget Syndication
Snipperoo Widget Management Services
Snipperoo widget management service allows webmasters, bloggers, or anyone else with a website to set up a free account and use the Snipperoo toolkit to add or delete widgets from a site page. Snipperoo is designed to be compatible with virtually any widget but requires that sites have JavaScript enabled, making the service unavailable to some notable social networks such as MySpace.
MuseStorm Widget Engine and Distribution Services
MuseStorm Widget Engine and Distribution Services provide a broadly compatible platform for widget creation based in RSS and XML along with simple means for syndication in blogs, social networks and websites. Includes detailed analytics packages for tracking the distribution, usage and traffic generated by widgets that have been made available for syndication.
Clearspring Technologies widget development, analytics and syndication service provides an open source development platform, helps to track and monetize widgets and extends widget compatibility to major engines such as Windows Vista, Google Desktop and Support Page Support Page provides resources and information on the service. Includes blogger and developer FAQs and Forums, along with sections entitled “Why Use Widgetbox?,“ “Why Register Widgets with Widgetbox?” and “Getting Started (a tour with screenshots).” is a free widget directory and syndication service that functions as a safe marketplace for both widget developers and widget publishers by providing widget tracking metrics and easy configuration, while also assisting blogs or other sites with the installation and setup of widgets on their pages.

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Update :: January 17, 2020