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Affiliate Programs Resource Center

Affiliate Programs
Google Affiliate Programs
Google offers three affiliate programs. Google AdSense is for publishers (Web site owners) who want to make money by displaying Google ads on their Web pages; Google AdWords is for advertisers who pay (by keywords) to have their ads displayed in the AdSense program; and if you are looking to sell a product or service there's Froogle—Google's free listing service.
Google AdSense
Learn about the Google AdSense program with an informative slide presentation, read case studies and sign up here. Please visit our Deitel AdSense Resource Center for more information.
Google AdWords
Learn about Google's AdWords program with this audio visual presentation. Get information about AdWords, including starting an account, targeting ads, monitoring performance, and managing multiple accounts.
If you have a physical store or an e-commerce Web site you can sign-up for Froogle, Google's free online shopping service. Simply supply a detailed description of each item you are selling (the more detailed your description, the better the search results will be); when the Froogle link is selected, a search page appears; you can then select a specific product, or type in what they are looking for to receive a list of stores and Web sites that sell that item.
BidVertiser Affiliate Program
Both publishers and advertisers can join the BidVertiser affiliate program. Publishers earn money when visitors click on ads. You can filter out unwanted ads and monitor the performance of ads on your site. Advertisers can select the sites on which they'd like their ads displayed, pay only for clicks they receive, set the maximum amount they are willing to pay for each click, design their own ads, monitor the performance of each ad and select a geographical area in which to run the ad.
Apple iTunes Affiliate Program
To qualify for Apple's iTunes affiliate program you must enroll in the LinkShare Network. Once you are enrolled in LinkShare you need to meet the conditions set forth by Apple to become an affiliate. Read the “Terms and Conditions” carefully to see if your site qualifies. You will earn a commission on qualified sales on such items as iTunes downloads, audio books and podcasts. You can also apply to the Apple Store affiliates program where you will earn commissions selling iPods and other Apple products. As an affiliate you'll have access to Apple marketing materials, and you'll receive a newsletter about the newest products and special promotions. 
eBay Affiliate Program
EBay affiliate program learning center. Get all the information you'll need to become an eBay affiliate. Topics include payment structure, tracking, link optimization, landing pages, sponsored ads, eBay's rules and regulations, affiliate community, and free tools.
Fine Art Gallery Associates Program
The Fine Art Gallery Associates Program enables you to earn commissions on paintings, lithographs, jewelry, sculpture, fine crafts, collectibles, paintings, photography and furniture. In addition you can receive referral fees for approved program associates and for travelers who sign up for Israel Art Tours.
LinkShare Affiliate Program
LinkShare enables you to partner with merchants and receive commissions on a pay-per-click basis.
Amazon Affiliate Programs
Amazon affiliates program allows you to place links for products sold on Amazon on your site. You receive a commission on all sales generated from your links.
Commission Junction
Commission Junction works with publishers (Web site owners) and advertisers. After you have been accepted as a publisher by CJ, you can select which companies you want to have advertise on your site. Advertisers select the sites, newsletters and email campaigns with which to place their ads. When an agreement has been reached between you and an advertiser, you are given access to its ads or special offers. You receive payment for each lead you send to the advertiser's site, or a percentage of a purchased item.


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Update :: August 19, 2017