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Affiliate Programs Resource Center

Affiliate programs have had phenomenal success for both Web publishers and merchants. Millions of people have discovered that they can make money on their Web sites by publishing valuable content on subjects of interest to large communities. This attracts search engines and brings visitors to your site. You allow your affiliate partners to place their ads on your pages; when your visitors click those ads and make purchases, you earn money. Lots of for-sale affiliate tools and publications are available, but many people have been successful using only free tools and resources. Our Affiliate Programs Resource Center focuses on the enormous amount of free affiliate content available online, as well as some for-sale items.

Start your search here for affiliate program eBooks, books, sample chapters, tutorials, FAQs and tools that will help you monetize your Web sites, newsletters and blogs effectively. Explore tools (some free and some for sale) that help you develop custom toolbars, build your Web site, find a domain name and a host, and submit your site to search engines. Read articles that explain the basics of affiliate marketing and how to be successful. Check out some of the success stores from people making money through affiliate programs.

Learn about affiliate terms such as cost-per-click (CPC) and cost-per-thousand impressions (CPM). Investigate the affiliate programs offered by Commission Junction, Google's AdSense, Apple's iTunes, LinkShare, Amazon, eBay, BidVertiser, OneNetwork, Macromedia and the Fine Art Gallery Associates. Visit affiliate directories where you can select affiliate programs from a wide range of topics.

Check out the tools and software products (some free and some for sale) such as a program that will help you start and run a viral marketing program, a tool for placing "get paid for" scripts on your Web site, a program that helps you submit your affiliate program to affiliate directories, and a tool that helps you locate low-cost variations of high-paying keywords.

Read articles about the ClickTrade Affiliate Program, making the most of pay-per-click, secrets to affiliate success, choosing the right affiliate program, and search engine optimization. Download the free Affiliate Masters Course by Ken Evoy. Check out upcoming affiliate conferences, and the affiliate program groups and message boards at Google, Yahoo! and eBay.


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Update :: August 19, 2017