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Google AdSense Resource Center

Google has had phenomenal success with Adsense—its contextual advertising program for Web publishers.  Millions of people have discovered that they can make money on their Websites by developing valuable content on subjects of interest to large communities. This attracts the Google search engine and brings you visitors. You authorize Google to place AdSense ads on your pages, some of your visitors click those ads, and Google pays you per click. Lots of for-sale Adsense tools and publications are available, but many people have been successful using only free tools and sources of information. Our Google Adsense Resource Center focuses on the enormous amount of free Adsense content available online, as well as some for-sale items.
      Start your search here for AdSense eBooks, tutorials, tools, podcasts, and videos that will help you monetize your Web sites and blogs effectively. Explore tools (some free and some for sale) like WordTracker, the Overture Search Suggestion tool and tools from Google that help you find the best high-paying keywords, and analyze your competitors' sites.
      View a slide presentation from Google describes the AdSense program, how it works, terms such as cost-per-click (CPC) and cost-per-thousand impressions (CPM), how to become an AdSense publisher, who the advertisers are and where they come from, how ads are selected to appear according to the subject material on a Web page, how to monetize your Web site, how the Google filters can be applied, and how to customize the ads that appear on your pages.
       Use tools that display typical Google AdSense ads that would be generated for certain keywords, and tools that report Adsense statistics for your site. Use a free tool that helps you determine which phrases are used most often with the Wordtracker and Overture tools. Use channels to monitor your AdSense activity.
      Learn where to place your ads, what fonts to use, and what ad formats and colors work best. Find great sources for free content and learn how to use RSS feeds to freshen your content. Should you use text ads, image ads or both? Join Google's referral program and earn money when your visitors download the Firefox browser with the Google Toolbar, or enroll in the AdSense program (and meet certain revenue requirements).
       Be sure to read Google's AdSense Overview and Program Policies, and remember to play by the rules. Check out the Google AdSense group—post questions and have other members send you replies.
      Get great AdSense help from Google. Categories include "AdSense Basics" for information on signing up, getting started, program policies, contacting AdSense and Google AdSense Guides; "My Account" covers information on adding more Websites, login issues, updating account information, cancellation and privacy and security issues; "Products and Features" provides information on AdSense for content, onsite advertiser sign-up, AdSense for search, referrals and AdSense for feeds; "Adding AdSense to My site" covers ad implementation, search box implementation and troubleshooting; "Working with My Ads" covers ad formats, how ads are targeted, filtering ads, the preview tool and improving performance; "Reports and Earnings" gets you information on earnings, reporting basics, channels, AdSense for search reporting, custom and emailable reports and troubleshooting reports; "Payments" covers payment options, personal identification numbers (PINs), payment schedule and tax information.
      Check out Darren Rowse's series of articles on using AdSense to earn money on your blogs, Joel Comm's "Dr. AdSense" podcast and Eric Giguere's podcast based on his AdSense book. Understand the importance of carefully reading the Google End User License Agreement. Read AdSense case studies.


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Update :: August 20, 2017