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Internet Advertising Resource Center

Welcome to the Internet Advertising Resource Center, which includes resources for Internet advertisers and web publishers who want to monetize their sites with Internet advertising. Business is shifting to the web and Internet advertising is exploding in importance. As a web publisher, how do you find the ads that monetize best on your site? How do you find contextual ads that complement the content of your site to create value added for your visitors? As an Internet advertiser, how do you determine the type of program that converts best for your products and services? Should you focus on pay-per-click programs or pay-per-action programs? How do you find sites that best target your audience? How do you write and design ads that convert? In the Internet Advertising Resource Center you'll find:

  • KnowThis— a site that offers Internet advertising and marketing resources including tutorials, articles, Internet marketing insights, free research reports and forums.
  • Free Advertising Age newsletters that discuss the best interactive campaigns.
  • Double Fusion's in-game advertising that allows advertisers to integrate their dynamic ads into video games.
  • Free eBooks on affiliate programs, banner ads, ad writing tips, ad tracking and creating classified ads.
  • Clipstream Video 2.2 that allows you to add video to ads, web sites and email.
  • The free ROI Web Site Traffic tool for determining the effectiveness of an online advertising campaign.
  • The latest Internet advertising jobs from
  • The Google AdWords contextual advertising program for Internet advertisers.
  • The Google AdSense program that allows web site publishers to display contextual Google ads on their site and earn pay-per-click advertising revenue.
  • The Yahoo! Search Marketing program that includes sponsored search, local advertising, search submit (using algorithmic search listings), product submit (on Yahoo! Shopping), Travel Submit (for promotions on Yahoo! Travel), and Directory Submit (for the Yahoo! Directory).
  • The Microsoft adCenter program.
  • AdBrite—a pay-per-click Internet advertising service that allows advertisers to target their ads by keyword, web site or location.
  • The Commission Junction, LinkShare and Value Click cost-per-action (CPA) affiliate programs.
  • Kanoodle, which offers four programs for advertisers including ContextTarget™, BehaviorTarget™, LocalTarget™, that targets ad placement in your local area, and KeywordTarget™.
  • DRIVE—a new company that helps companies maximize their advertising performance.
  • The article entitled, "Internet Advertising to Double in Five Years," by Enid Burns.
    The article entitled, "Top 10 Internet Advertising Mistakes," from All Business.
  • The tutorial entitled, "Online Advertising/Web Advertising/Business Advertising," from Web Source.
  • The webcast entitled, "Advertising Campaigns That Drive Web Traffic," from Forrester Research.
  • The webcasts entitled "Advertising—The Key to Success," and "Tools You Will Need for Online Advertising," from Developer Shed.
  • The webcast entitled, "Best Practices for Optimizing Web Advertising Effectiveness," from DoubleClick.
  • The sample chapter entitled "Why Internet Advertising," from Webvertising, that discusses television audience migration to the web, the growth of the Internet, Internet demographics, and how banner ads build brands.
  • The IDM Net FAQ where you'll find answers about advertising on the Internet, advertising networks, portals, cost of Internet ads, and definitions of many terms used in the Internet advertising industry.
  • Bizadresources newsgroup on Yahoo! Groups where you can get help with advertising ideas and questions.
  • QuickBanner 1.0, by Bpath helps users develop animated banner ads quickly from template designs.
  • Classified Connection 2.0.8 that helps you submit ads to online classified sites.
  • Conferences including the eComXpo—The Virtual Tradeshow for e-Commerce Marketers, WebmasterWorld PubCon 2006, the Affiliate Summit 2007 West, and ad:tech.
  • A series of podcasts by Andy Forbes on Internet advertising. Topics include keywords, micropayments, approaches to marketing new products, and internet advertising from the customer's point of view.
  • Internet advertising podcasts from Ad-tech that discuss mobile marketing, online video advertising, and online acquisition marketing and advertising.



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Update :: July 25, 2017