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Link Building Resource Center

Link Baiting
“Secrets to Beating the Sandbox 2.0 Revealed”
Blog entry: “Secrets to Beating the Sandbox 2.0 Revealed: The Ultimate Guide,” by Andy Hagans. Discusses “the sandbox” and how to avoid getting your blog stuck in it. He also discusses link baiting, the algorithm cycle, and the best steps to take should you find yourself sandboxed.
“Are You Link Baiting the Right Audience?”
Article: “Are You Link Baiting the Right Audience?” by Eric Ward, an industry leader in link building and SEO. Discusses several shortcomings of a non-targeted link baiting strategy with examples from previous campaigns.
“The Link Baiting Playbook: Hooks Revisited” baiting-hooks/
Article: “The Link Baiting Playbook: Hooks Revisited,” by Todd Malicoat. Discusses the differences between viral marketing and link baiting and seven different “hooks” that are commonly used to attract links to content: interesting commentary on breaking news, spirited debate on an interesting topic, attacking a well-known individual or accepted practice, becoming a resource on a subject, creating something humorous, allowing people to submit material, and offering incentives such as contests or scholarships.
“101 Web Marketing Ideas and Tips”
Article: “101 Web Marketing Ideas and Tips” from Includes 90 marketing tips on topics such as link baiting and social media marketing, with links to related content from other blogs and resource sites. There is also an area for readers to post comments and tips.
“10 Creative Traffic Building Ideas”
Article: “10 Creative Traffic Building Ideas” by Lee Odden. Describes 10 methods for generating free traffic to a website, including social bookmarking,, blog posts, forum use, the creation of widgets, themes and extensions, mentions from friends’ websites, submissions to industry specific sites, guest postings, podcasts, and feed submissions. is dedicated to marketing and “copywriting” blogs. Author Brian Clark presents interesting and sometimes humorous articles and entries that help bloggers increase traffic, subscribers, inbound links, and sales.
“10 Remarkably Effective Strategies for Driving...
Blog entry: “10 Remarkably Effective Strategies for Driving Traffic,” describes some of the link baiting tactics commonly used by bloggers and SEOs to catch attention and increase traffic, including targeting un-monetized searches, creating controversy, maps and mashups, event coverage, top ten lists, online tools, graphic and online tools, leveraging web design, blogging and blog comments, reporting remarkable news and offering something incredible.
“Link Baiting: Great Idea or Passing Fad?”
Article: “Link Baiting: Great Idea or Passing Fad?” by Jennifer Laycock. Discusses the meaning of the term link baiting and describes the most popular means of going about it, including fabricated awards, gossip, controversy and blog tags.
Viral Copy
eBook: Viral Copy, by Brian Clark of, is a guide to the art of link baiting online. The 30-page guide includes sections entitled “Introduction,” “Four Viral Categories,” “11 Strategies for Link Love,” and “Avoiding the Dark Side.”


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Update :: August 20, 2017