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Podcasting Resource Center

iPods and podcasting have taken the world by storm since Apple introduced them in 2001. Our Podcasting and iPod Resource Center focuses on the enormous amount of free and fee-based content available online for both consumers and developers. Are you curious how the iPod started? Learn about Steve Job's vision for the iPod and its roots in radio. Ever wonder what content is available for your PC, Mac or iPod? Start your search here for thousands of audio podcasts, vodcasts (video podcasts) and vlogs (video blogs) available from popular online directories on almost any topic including the arts, business, culture, gadgets, technology, family, entertainment, finance, fitness, science, law, sports, education, movies, comedy, public radio, gardening, ecology, photography, golf, hacking, politics, transportation, TV, travel, weather, news and more. Use audio and video search engines to find the downloads you want quickly. If you're a sports enthusiast, check out video podcasts available from the NBA. Are you a student looking for course lectures online? Check out hundreds of educational podcasts available for K-12, higher education and continuing education. We even list podcasts from colleges such as Stanford, UC-Berkeley, Purdue, Washington and Hawaii. Are you a teacher who wants to create podcasts for use in the classroom? Learn how to record and publish podcasts to enhance your students' educational experience.
     Download podcasting tools such as a text-to-speech converter and an RSS feed creator or check out services such as a podcast transcriber. Want to know how well your podcast is doing online? Use tools to track your podcast's download performance. Read the latest technical documentation and watch tutorials on topics such as turning RSS feeds into podcasts. Check out our recommended articles, books, e-books, whitepapers and more on creating, publishing and recording podcasts. Want to learn how to monetize your podcasts? Learn about companies that incorporate ads directly into your podcasts and share revenues with you. Check out podcasting conferences and view the newest Apple iPods available including the iPod nano, shuffle, mini, video iPod, iPod Hi-Fi and more. Finally, check out our recommended podcasts on Java, Perl, AJAX, Web 2.0, PHP, Windows Vista, Ruby on Rails, ColdFusion, business development and more. And be sure to check out O'Reilly's directory of podcasts on emerging technologies.
Wikipedia entry on podcasting.
Wikipedia entry on podcasts.



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