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Website Monetization Resource Center

Monetizing with Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising
Q-Ads Partner Program

Q-Ads Partner Program (currently in beta) allows bloggers to monetize their blogs. Bloggers select the keywords that they want to appear in the ads on their blogs. Users can select where ads are placed, the style of the ads (color, size and format) and where the ads will appear on their blog. Payment is determined on a pay-per-click basis.

Kanoodle BrightAds

Kanoodle's BrightAds program is a sponsored links program. The program matches advertisers with websites based on areas of interest—not keywords. Revenues are earned on a pay-per-click basis. Site owners can have as many ads on their site as they wish and can customize how the ads look. Site owners have no control over which ads appear on their site and can have other PPC programs. Revenue is a 50/50 split paid every 30 days. Status reports are available giving site owners information such as gross revenue, clicks, click-through rates, average revenue per click, percentage of revenue share and net revenues.

Google AdSense

Google's AdSense program allows member sites to display contextually targeted ads (i.e., ads that match a site's content). Ads are also targeted by geography and can be displayed in many languages. Site owners can design how ads will appear (templates are available for layout and color) and they have the option to block unwanted ads (e.g., competitors ads). When AdSense is unable to match ads to a website's content, the site owner can select ads to display on the site. Google also provides reports that show the total number of pages, ad unit impressions, ad clicks, click-through rates, CPM and total earnings.

LookSmart Ad Syndication for Publishers

LookSmart's Ad Syndication for Publishers is a pay-per-click (PPC) program that matches advertisers to a website's content and audience to generate revenue. The AdCenter allows site owners to sell advertising space on their web pages directly to advertisers and set either a PPC or cost-per-click (CPC) rate. The PublisherCenter allows site owners to obtain reports on searches, clicks, impressions, click-through-rates and revenues earned (these can be done with a variety of date ranges). LookSmart's Furl for Publishers is a set of tools that allow site visitors to save web pages into a personal archived account which can be shared and referenced form any computer (to encourage return visits to a site).

Yahoo! Publisher Network

Yahoo! Publisher Network allows site owners to monetize their sites with pay-per-click ads. Site owners who quality for the program can customize the way ads appear on their site (size and color) and can have multiple areas on a web page where ads are displayed. Ads are targeted to match the website's content and site owners can filter ads (rejecting ones they do not want). Site owners are paid when a visitor clicks on one of the ads. To learn more about this program and if your site will qualify visit the FAQ area.

BidVertiser Pay-Per-Click Program

BidVertiser's free pay-per-click program enables publishers to earn money by displaying ads on their website or blog. Advertisers bid on your ad space so that you receive the highest amount for your space. Payments are made monthly and the minimum payment is $10. Site and blog owners can customize the ads on their sites with a free tool from BidVertiser so that ads will fit into your website design and site owners can block unwanted ads. The Publisher Center allows site owners to monitor ad performance, page impressions, clicks, click-through rates and how much the site has earned. BidVertiser also has a referral program where site owners can earn money from other site owners who sign up for the program or from advertisers who purchase advertising from BidVertise.

"Pay Per Click Search Engines (CPC/PPC)"
Article: "Pay Per Click Search Engines (CPC/PPC)," by Danny Sullivan. Reviews the major pay-per-click search engines and gives a brief description of each. The engines are broken down into three tiers—major pay-per-click search engines including Google AdWords (paid listings appear in search results), and Overture (listings appear on several search engines including its owner Yahoo); second tier engines including (United Kingdom and Europe), (results appear on many meta search engines), and LookSmart LookListings (results appear in meta search engines); other services include Enhance, ePilot, Kanoodle, Lucos Insite AdBuyer and Mirago


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Update :: July 25, 2017