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"Apex—Why a New Programming Language is Needed",guid,4f7f46bd-89cd-457e-9129-b583c37a65f0.aspx

Blog: "Apex—Why a New Programming Language is Needed," from Cubic Compass Software. Discusses features of the Apex programming language including, customization, resource management, quality, object orientation strong typing, intellectual property, change management, and debugging.

"Salesforce Strives for the On Demand Apex"
Blog: "Salesforce Strives for the On Demand Apex," posted by Dan Farber. Discusses the new programming language, Apex, which Salesforce hopes developers will use to develop new applications. The Salesforce IdeaExchange is a roadmap for new applications and components, and the AppExchange Central is an incubator for Apex code.

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Update :: November 11, 2019