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Apex Resource Center

Apex Resources
"Getting Started with Apex Code"
"Getting Started with Apex Code," from Developers will find links to the whitepaper "Apex Code: The World's First On-Demand Programming Language," the Apex Code Language Reference (ACR), "Deep Dive Into Apex" video, Apex Toolkit for Eclipse, reference documentation, and sample code and examples.
Apex Web Services API Developer's Guide
Apex Web Services API Developer's Guide, Version 8.0, from Discusses the Apex API, an overview of the API, understanding API calls, understanding API objects, API best practices, outbound messaging, using the partner WSDL, data calls, describe calls, utility calls, standard objects, SOAP headers, and the data model.
"Building a Flex S-Control Mashup"
Wiki: "Building a Flex S-Control Mashup," from Discusses what can be done with FLEX and AJAX on an Apex platform, the project, getting started, the view, controlling logic, and the development process.
"Creating Applications with the Apex Platform"
Wiki: "Creating Applications with the Apex Platform," from Discusses an introduction to the Apex platform, the Apex platform at work (including customization, integration, and application creation, development and distribution), Apex features and concepts (including multi-tenancy, Apex builder, Apex API, Apex OS, Apex code, and the AppExchange Directory), web services integration, and the Apex application types.
Apex Code Wiki
Wiki: "Apex Code: The World's First On-Demand Programming Language," from Discusses multi-tenancy programming languages, Apex code design and syntax, Apex features and functionality (including Apex code and event model, transaction control, packaging, re-use, and web services, performance, scalability, and upgrades, and Apex code and the AppExchange), and online developer resources.

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