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Apex Resource Center

Introduction to Apex
"Apex Overview"
Webcast: "Apex Overview," presented by Adam Gross of Presents an introduction to Apex, explains what on-demand programming is, Apex code, Apex syntax and capabilities, invoking Apex code, Apex code components, multi-tenant data and code, multi-tenant code execution, traditional code vs. Apex code, the Apex virtual machine, and where to learn more about Apex.
"Introduction to the Apex Platform"
White Paper: "Introduction to the Apex Platform," from Discusses the Apex platform, customization, integration, application creation, development and distribution, Apex features and concepts, multi-tenancy, application customization and building, web services integration, on demand programming language, application deployment, application sharing and distributions, Apex application types (native, composite, and client), and developing for success.

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Update :: November 17, 2019