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Apex Resource Center Developer Resources
Salesforce Developer Jobs and Help Wanted Listing's developer's job and help wanted listings. Individual jobs are listed with a brief description, who posted the job and the date of the posting. More details (such as requirements and location) are available when a specific job is clicked.
Salesforce FAQs Page's FAQs page includes information about the Apex Developer Program including the Apex Developer Network (ADN), the ADN community, how ADN can help, and how to participate in the ADN community. ADN information includes where to start, logging in to the Apex wiki, getting an account, navigating the ADN site, and providing feedback.
Apex Development Ideas Page
Apex development ideas page where visitors can read and comment of ideas posed by members. Below each entry is the date the idea was posted and by whom along with link to read member comments or post a comment (if you are a member).
Apex Developer Network Discussions Page
Apex Developer Network Discussions page is a listing of the current discussions and their topics. Categories include announcements, general development, Apex code development, Java Development, .NET development, Perl, PHP, Python and Ruby development, VB and Office development, AJAX toolkit and S-controls, AppEx Builder and Native Apps, AppExchange Directory and packaging, open source, and help wanted and jobs.
Apex Glossary of Terms
Apex developer glossary of terms. A listing of the terminology used for the Apex programming language and AppExchange with brief descriptions or definitions given for each term.
Salesforce Development Tools's development tools include an Apex toolkit for Eclipse, Apex Explorer 8.0 is a .NET 2.0-based tool, Apex Excel connector, and the AppExchange Email to Case Toolkit. Community contributed tools include Ajax tools and scripting tools.
Salesforce Developer Site's developer's site. Developers can access information on featured content, training and events, discussion posts, company blogs, AppExchange Directory, a list of the 5 most popular apps, and a listing of the 5 most recent apps, links to wiki's about native framework, composite framework, Apex code, API, packaging and distribution, tools, FAQs and wiki help.
Salesforce Developer Information Page's developers information page. Locate information on the Apex programming language, the AppExchange Developer Network, the AppExchange Directory, how to publish applications, and view demos on AppExchange Customization, AppExchange Platform, and the AppExchange Directory.

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