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C Programming Resource Center

Articles and Whitepapers
Article: Best Practices for Programming in C
Article: "Best Practices for Programming in C," by Shiv Dutta and Gary Hook. Guidelines written by experienced C developers for programming or porting projects.
Article: Validating C and C++ for Safety and Secur
Article: "Validating C and C++ for Safety and Security: A Structured Approach to Manual Code Review," by Robert C. Seacord. Requires registration to read the article.
Article: Frame-Based Message Passing
Article: "A Frame-Based Message-Passing Parser for C: Parsing Objects within C Code," by Robert Kiesling. Requires registration to read the article.
Article: The C/C++ Programming Language
Article: The C/C++ Programming language,: by P.J. Plauger. Discusses the board use of "the C/C++ programming language," which does not exist. The articles points out that they are two different languages.
Article: Case Studies in C and C++ Compatibility
Article: "C and C++: Case Studies in Compatibility," by Bjarne Stroustrup. Provides examples for increasing the compatibility of C and C++.
Article: C and C++ Compatibility
Article: "C and C++: A Case for Compatibility," by Bjarne Stroustrup. Discusses why compatibility is in the best interest of the C/C++ community.
Article: Compatibility of C and C++
Article: "C and C++: Siblings," by Bjarne Stroustrup. Discusses the compatibility of C and C++. Includes several code examples.
Article: Incompatabilities Between ISO C and ISO C
Article: "Incompatibilities between ISO C and ISO," C++ by David R. Tribble. Compares C to C++ and older version of C to the new C99 standard.
Article: Embedding Python in Your C Programs
Article: "Embedding Python in your C Programs," by William Nagel. Integrate Python into your C programs to quickly add new features, versus writing them in C which would take more time.
Article: The Future of the C Programming Language
Article: "The Future According to Dennis Ritchie," by Danny Kalev. Interview with Dennis Ritchie discusses the future of the C programming language.

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