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C Programming Resource Center

GNOME and GLib
Tutorial: Override the GNU C Library Painlessly
Tutorial: "Override the GNU C Library Painlessly," by Jay Allen. Discusses how to change the GLib source code.
Tutorial: Application Programming Using GNOME Libr
Tutorial: "Application Programming Using GNOME Libraries," by George Lebl. Discusses GNOME libraries, GNOME UI components and the GTK+ toolkit.
Tutorial: GLib Shared Libraries for the Pilot
Tutorial: "GLib Shared Libraries for the Pilot," by Ian Goldberg. Shows you how to use GCC to create GLib shared libraries on the Palm Pilot.
GLib Reference Manual
Check out the GLib Reference Manual for key terms. Includes a definition and synopsis for each.
Tutorial: Glibc 2 HOWTO
Tutorial: "Glibc 2 HOWTO," by Eric Green. Learn how to install the GNU C library (GLib) version 2 on Linux.

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