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C++ Boost Libraries Resource Center

C++ Boost Libraries Videos
Text Processing with Boost

Video presentation of Eric Niebler discussing text processing with the Boost C++ libraries at the February 2007 meeting of the Northwest C++ Users Group. He discusses using a number of Boost libraries including Lexical_cast, String_algo, Regex, Xpressive and Spirit. Niebler also explains how to use Boost to improve standard IOstreams and deal with Unicode characters. (download the video for better quality)

C++ Language Capability Webinar
Webinar: "Using C++ Libraries, DLLs, ANSI C++, Boost, and the C++ TR1 Library," presented by David Intersimone, Sanjay Banerjee, Lee Cantey, Owen Urkov, and David Dean. The webinar is approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes and discusses how to use the C++ language capabilities such as libraries, DLLs, ANSI C++ features, Boost C++ libraries, and the C++ TR1 (C++ Technical Report on Standard Library Extensions #1) library.

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