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C++ Game Programming Resource Center


C++ Game Programming Sample Chapters
Cross-Platform Game Programming
Sample Chapter: "Introduction," from Cross-Platform Game Programming, March 2005, by Steve Goodwin. Discusses background of cross-platform game programming, history, the importance of cross-platform development, technology, teamwork, management, and finances.
"Introduction," from Game Programming All in One
Sample Chapter: "Introduction," from Game Programming All in One, Second Edition, June 2004, by Jonathan S. Harbour. Discusses cross-platform game programming, using your favorite compiler, overview of the text, and a chapter-by-chapter summary of the text.
Types, Variables, and Standard I/O: Lost Fortune
Sample Chapter: "Types, Variables, and Standard I/O: Lost Fortune," from Beginning C++ Game Programming, May 2004, by Michael Dawson. Discusses C++, using C++ for games, compilers, chapter breakdown of what the test contains, dealing with errors, understanding the ISO standard, writing your first C++ program, introducing the game over program, and commenting code.
Game Technologies
Sample Chapter: "Game Technologies," from Game Programming in C++: Start to Finish, January 2006, by Erik Yuzwa. Discusses common license agreements, helpful technologies (including Blitz3D/Max, DirectX, FMOD, OGRE, OpenAL, Popcap framework, RatNet, ReplicaNet, Quake2 and Quake3, SDL, and Torque), current versioning systems (CVS), installing CVSNT, using CVS, creating the Superasteriodarena project, working with files, checking out objects, introduction to Doxygen, introduction to InnoSetup, the standard template library (including std::string, std::vector, and std::map).
OO Programming for C++ Game Developers
Sample chapter: "An Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming for C++ Game Developers," by David Conger and Ron Little (Peachpit Press, Jun 30, 2006). Topics include software objects, classes, logical operators, the If-Else statement, namespaces and scope resolution, and a brief word about structures.

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