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C++ Game Programming Resource Center


C++ Game Programming Tutorials and Articles
C++ for Game Developers
Syllabus: “C++ for Game Developers” at University of Baltimore. This course uses Beginning C++ for Game Programming, by Michael Dawson as its main text. The class web site has links to additional resources for the topics covered each week including articles, books, forums and example code.
Managing Game States in C++
Tutorial: "Managing Game States in C++," discusses what game states are and why they are important in game programming, the functions of the different game states within a game program, and the game states manager.
OO Game Programming Tutorial: Pong
Tutorial: "OO Game Programming Tutorial: Pong," discusses game design, where to start, the ball, other objects, paddle movement, paddle/wall collisions, ball movement, paddle/ball collisions, ball/wall collisions, scoring goals, and timing.
Creating Video Games in C++
Tutorials: A series of tutorials for creating video games in C++. Topics include an introduction to C++, arrays, strings, loops, functions, file I/O, classes, array of classes, and multithreading.
Chapter 4—Hangman
Tutorial: "Chapter 4—Hangman," by Forest J. Handford. Discusses the development of the game of hangman, the ++ and -- operators, type casting, access types (dynamic, global and auto), file use, and header files.
Exceptions and Error Codes
Article: "Exceptions and Error Codes," by Kyle Wilson, a game programmer (May 3, 2006). Discusses why C++ exceptions in game programming are good, what exceptions cost in theory, what exceptions cost in practice and best practices for writing performance-critical games.
Game Programming Using C++ and DirectX
Free Web-based course in game programming using C++ and DirectX.
OpenGL Tutorial in Visual C++
Tutorial entitled, “OpenGL Tutorial in Visual C++,” provides an introduction to OpenGL, drawing shapes, 3D, texture mapping, keyboard and mouse interaction and more.
Beginners Guide to C/C++ Game Programming
Tutorial: "Beginners Guide to C/C++ Game Programming." Find information about C++ programming, graphics, sound, techniques and more.

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