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C++ Game Programming Resource Center


Getting Help: C++ Game Programming FAQs, Forums and Newsgroups
Video Game FAQs
FAQs on how to make a video game. These FAQs cover general questions such as suggested books and software, how long it takes to develop a game, selling a game, what game designers need to know, and sources for free software.
Mac Games in C++
C++ game programmers who are developing games for use on Macs can get answers to questions they may have while developing their games.
C++ Game Programming Group
This C++ game programming group allows members to post their questions, answer other members' questions, talk about game programming, and share their games. They also provide an advertising area for members who want to sell games.
Game Programming in C and C++
This game programming in C and C++ group, on Yahoo Groups, is a source of information and help for game developers. Members can post requests for jobs in the game programming industry.
C++ Game Programming Forum
C++ game programming forum on Google Groups discusses various concepts of using the C++ programming language to develop game programs. Members share information, post questions and receive answers, recommend sites, books and other resources.
SWEng-GameDev Newsgroup
SWEng-GameDev newsgroup is a place for experienced game developers and novices to discuss software engineering for game development. Topics include programming languages, engine development, development methodology, team management and more.
C++ Game Development on Mac
This forum is for Mac users who are developing games in C++. Members can post a question or answer a posted question from other game developers.
Advice on C++ Game Programming
The "Advice on C++ Game Programming" forum on Objectivism Online is a source of information and advice about creating game programs in C++. You can post a question, post an answer and read through the questions and answers posted. A side bar next to each entry indicates who the member is and how many posts they have made to the forum.'s Discussion and Help Forums's discussion and help forums. Find information under several categories such as announcements and surveys, users, gamers, software and programming help, and developers. has several newsgroups that you can join. These groups include (UseNet newsgroup for OpenGL programming), opengl-game-dev-1 (for OpenGL game development), OpenGL Newbie (for OpenGL beginners and for 3-D programming), Mac OpenGL Mailing List (for discussions on using OpenGL for the Mac community), and OpenGL IRC channel (for discussions on OpenGL).
Games Development and Design Group
Games development and design group on Google Groups. Topics include game design FAQs, game development outsourcing, graphics tools, resources for game developers, game design workshops and more.
General Game Programming
Google group for general game programming discussions (not specific to any one programming language). Topics include game programming questions, toolkits, cross-platform capabilities, game engines, OpenGL, creating game objects, game testing and more.
C++ Game Programming Newsgroup
C++ Game Programming newsgroup on Google Groups. Some of the topics discussed include game programming, creating a map game, game logic, sharing games tutorials, collaborating on C++ game development and more.
Adventure Game Programming Newsgroup
Adventure Game Programming newsgroup on Google Groups.

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