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Java Design Patterns Resource Center


Getting Help: Java Design Patterns FAQs, Newsgroups, Forums and Mailing Lists Community Forums
Provides community forums on most Java topics.
Java Newsgroups
Java Newsgroups:
Digital Espresso
Digital Espresso provides a summary of the weekly traffic to Java mailing lists and newsgroups.
Java Community Web Site
Java community Web site where developers can share projects, participate in forums, etc. Also includes articles, blogs, help wanted postings, news and more.
Java Patterns and Object Oriented Design Forum
Java Patterns and Object Oriented Design forum. Chat with other developers about object oriented design and patterns and the UML. FAQ FAQs include: “What is a design pattern?” “Do I have to use a design pattern?” “How many design patterns are there?” and “What is the relationship among these patterns?”

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Update :: November 17, 2019