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Java SE 7 (Dolphin) Resource Center


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What’s coming up in Java SE 7?,+tutorials,+news/Whats+coming+up+in+Java+SE+7/blc5x

Wiki: Summary of proposed Java Specification Requirements (JSRs) for Java SE 7. Updates of recent edits for Java news, article and tutorials. Includes recent additions for what’s coming up in Java SE7.
Forum: Java SE

Forum discusses the direction of Java SE 7. Topics include features, language enhancements, new packages and other issues involving Java SE 6 and the development of Java SE 7.

Does Java 7 Need New Language Features?

Forum: “Does Java 7 need new language features?” moderated by Yakov Fain, a Principal Consultant of Farata Systems. Discusses the proposed features for Java SE 7. Sun Microsystems has nominated and awarded Yakov with the title Java Champion.

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Update :: November 15, 2019