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Microsoft LINQ Resource Center

Microsoft LINQ FAQs
The LINQ FAQ covers topics that include what LINQ, DLINQ, and XLINQ are, where to locate documentation and information, contacting the LINQ development team, what Orcas is, what languages support LINQ, and more.
LINQ Project General FAQs
LINQ Project General FAQs for general questions about the LINQ Project. Topics include XML column default mapping, creating a provider, checking Attached State in LINQ to SQL, the DeleteOnNull, adding a join method to Predicate builder, DLINQ, DataLoadOptions per query, and more.
LINQ to Entities FAQs
LINQ to Entities FAQs topics include how LINQ to Entities and LINQ to Objects are related, .NET 3.5 dependency, IntelliSence in LINQ, LINQ availability to SQL Server, the Entity Framework, DataSets, compatibility with SQL 2008, Entity classes, complex types, support for explicit execution queries, and more.

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