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Microsoft Popfly Resource Center
Microsoft Popfly Blogs
SharePoint and Popfly Integration: Yes, Really!
Microsoft SharePoint Products and Technologies Team Blog. "SharePoint and Popfly Integration: Yes, Really!" Discusses the Facebook Platform, collaborative application platform, using SharePoint as a Popfly data source, SharePoint integration, setting up the visual delivery of SharePoint data, and rendering Popfly mashups in SharePoint.
Creating an IP Geolocation Popfly Block
The blog of Dan Waters, a Microsoft Academic Developer Evangelist. Discusses how the shared block, Locust IP Locator by mois, was built; declaring a block class, declaring a custom object, writing a function, the toString function, the block element and attributes.
Popfly Team Site Blog
Popfly Team Site Blog. Topics include Microsoft Popfly Beta Release notes, the basics of Popfly including the mashup creator, the web editor, embedding and project handling, and explorer; the Beta version of the Popfly Explorer, changing Popfly's Silverlight blocks, a Popfly overview, and help forums.

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