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OpenGL Resource Center



OpenGL Articles
SphereX (three-dimensional desktop)
Try out the projects from SphereX (three-dimensional desktop) and learn how to purchase a license or contribute to a project.
Learn about the OpenGL FRAPS Window application for real-time video capturing and benchmarking. You can also demo the software before purchasing.
OpenGL Debugging Tool
Free OpenGL debugging tool.
"OpenGL Tools for Serious Graphics Development"
Article: "OpenGL Tools for Serious Graphics Development" from the Apple Developer Connection. Discusses the OpenGL profiler, reading the OpenGL function trace, collecting resources, suspending execution of an application, the OpenGL driver monitor, and the OpenGL shader builder.
"Optimizing OpenGL Data Throughput on Mac OS X"
Article: "Optimizing OpenGL Data Throughput on Mac OS X" from the Apple Developer Connection. Discusses the general concepts for OpenGL optimization, drawing with vertex data, handling static vertex data, handling dynamic vertex data, and mixed data.
OpenGL Wiki
Wikipedia's entry on OpenGL. Information includes a definition, specification, design, example, documentation, extensions, utility libraries, bindings, higher-level functionality, history, OpenGL 2.0, and sample renderings.
"OpenGL VIII: wglUseFontOutlines"
Article: "OpenGL VIII: wglUseFontOutlines" by Dale Rogerson. Discusses an introduction to wglUseFontOutlines, parameters, EasyFont sample application, Quick Start, display lists, glGenLists, deviation, extrusion, format, and GLYPHMETRICSFLOAT.

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