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Social Networking Conference
Conference: Social Networking Conference, January 31-February 1, 2008, Miami Beach, Florida. Sessions include “The OpenSocial Social Networking Initiative,” “Business Social Networking,” “Strategies to Improve Social Network User Experience,” “Web Widgets for Social Networking,” “Social Networking Mashups,” “The Next Generation of Social Networking Technologies,” “Secrets of Creating Talkability,” “Challenges to Overcome When Building and Seeding a New Social Networking or Online Personals Site,” “Emerging Online Advertising Platforms and Business Models for Social Networking,” “Growing a Social Networking Company Organically, “ “Strategies to Improve Social Network User Experience and Customer Satisfaction,” “Social Networking in China,” “Top-Level Domains for Social Networking,” “The Power of Blogs in Social Networking,” “Software for Social Networking,” “Venture Capital for Social Networking Business,” and more.

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