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OpenSocial Resource Center
OpenSocial Introductions
OpenSocial Overview
Article: “OpenSocial: A New Universe of Social Applications All Over the Web,” by Marc Andreessen (co-founder of Ning). Discusses what containers are, what OpenSocial is, OpenSocial technology, why OpenSocial is practical, what OpenSocial means for Facebook application developers, what OpenSocial means to websites that are not Facebook applications, maintaining multiple front-end pages, what OpenSocial means to Facebook, “is OpenSocial good for the web?” how Ning will support OpenSocial, and JavaScript and web services APIs.
OpenSocial Definition
Definition of OpenSocial from Wikipedia. Discusses what OpenSocial is, structure, open standards HTML, JavaScript, APIs, social software applications, history, development, implementation, background and additional references.
Questions About OpenSocial Answered
“Questions About OpenSocial Answered,” from Concrete Web Developers. Discusses what the components of an OpenSocial application are, what OpenSocial components are made of, where the assets of an OpenSocial application live, how customers find OpenSocial applications, storing data in an OpenSocial application, access to user data, dealing with network design limitations, how the view/edit works, the OpenSocial container, and more.

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Update :: November 15, 2019