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OpenSocial Resource Center
OpenSocial APIs
Beat Communications Supports New OpenSocial APIs
eDocument: “Beat Communications Supports New OpenSocial APIs,” by Thomson Gale Research and Publishing Company. Discusses the OpenSocial programming model developed by Google, the OpenSocial standardized code for application development, OpenSocial support from site owners, social networking systems and developers, and the participation of Beat Communication Company (a social networking provider in Japan) in the OpenSocial programming model.
OpenSocial API Blog
The "OpenSocial API Blog" from Google. Discusses thoughts on implementing OpenSocial for a website, privacy and security, API and SPI (Serial Peripheral Interface) iterations and refactoring, the Shindig project (open source OpenSocial reference implementation), policies (gadget directory, discovery and abuse), server-to-server APIs, improved content fetching; hi5, Ning, and Plaxo sandboxes going live, and the open source container sample release.
OpenSocial API Documentation
Documentation: OpenSocial API Documentation from Google. Discusses the JavaScript API, what you can do with the JavaScript API, OpenSocial Data APIs, People and Friends data API, what you can do with the People and Friends data API, Activities data API, what you can do with the Activities data API, the Persistence data API, and what you can do with the Persistence data API.
OpenSocial FAQ
OpenSocial FAQ. Discusses what OpenSocial is, how OpenSocial helps developers and websites, licensing information, getting started, the basic architecture, where applications run, and using the OpenSocial API.
OpenSocial Forum
OpenSocial Forum. Topics include the OpenSocial API definition, Orkut discussions (disabling cache), Ning discussions (the newUpdatePersonAPPdataRequest), Hi5 discussions (adjusting application height, and how to pass variables), Plaxo discussions (operating systems applications), other containers, implementing OpenSocial containers (Rails plug-in), and pages (issues and links).
Google OpenSocial Resources
Google OpenSocial resources. Resources include code, blogs, documentation, articles, APIs, FAQ, interviews, OpenSocial container sample, OpenSocial API blog, best practices blog, example applications, persistence data API developers guide, hosting social applications, tutorials, and more.
OpenSocial API Developers Guide
OpenSocial API Developers Guide. Discusses writing a social gadget, importing the OpenSocial library, getting basic information, working with persistent data, activities, and adding a gadget to Orkut.

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