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Ruby on Rails Resource Center

Ruby on Rails Articles
Rails Solutions: Ruby on Rails Made Easy
Rails Solutions: Ruby on Rails Made Easy, by Justin Williams (January 2007). Discusses Ruby on Rails, installing Rails, Ruby for Rails developers, getting started with Rails, advanced Rails, formatting data, Ajax, bringing forms to life with Ajax, uploading files, sending attachments, authentication, session management, customizing Rails views, using Rails plug-ins and engines, deployment, caching and testing Rails.
5 Ways to Optimize AJAX in Ruby on Rails
"5 Ways to Optimize AJAX in Ruby on Rails," by Shanti Braford. Discusses a history of AJAX and Ruby on Rails (RoR), sources of latency (including the database, application execution and rendering, the webserver, the network and the browser), 5 ways to optimize a Ruby on Rails/AJAX application (with sample code), database indexing, redundant SQL queries, fragment caching, client-side and JavaScript caching.
"15 TDD Steps to Create a Rails Application"
"15 TDD Steps to Create a Rails Application," by Andrzej Krzwda. Discusses creating a Rails application, setting up a database, creating a word class, testing, implementing the word class, writing a test for the learn method, the test pass, rewriting the implementation and manual testing.
"Testing with DB2 and Ruby on Rails"
"DB2 and Ruby on Rails, Part 3: Testing with DB2 and Ruby on Rails," by John Chun, Alex Pitiqoi, Christine Law and Naomi Nqan. Discusses testing the team room application, setting up various database environments, Ruby's built-in unit tests, methods with the "test_" prefix, assertions, using validations, using assertions, testing with fixtures, sharing fixtures and testing many-to-many associations, using mock objects, testing controllers, testing email notification and subscription confirmation, performance test, running application tests using Rake (the Ruby equivalent of the make utility), DB2 rails application problem determination, the Call Level Interface (CLI) trace and the DB2 trace.
"Ruby on Rails for the Rest of Us"
"Ruby on Rails for the Rest of Us," by Justin Williams. Discusses what Ruby on Rails is, how Ruby on Rails is different from PHP and other languages, how difficult it is to work with, what you can do with Rails, when to use Ruby on Rails and hosting Rails.
Ruby On Rails
"Ruby on Rails" It Makes Development Fast, Agile and Manageable," by Michael Swaine. Discusses the features of Ruby including object-oriented programming and reflection, the model component, and a conversation with David Heinemeier Hansson, the developer of Ruby on Rails.
Ruby on Rails: Making Programmers Happy,1895,1880280,00.asp
"Ruby on Rails: Making Programmers Happy," an interview with David Heinemeier Hansson, creator of Ruby on Rails, and Darryl Taft, Senior editor of eWeek. Discusses the allure of Ruby on Rails, convention over configuration, instant change, full-stack framework, Ruby on Rails impact on web development, applications it is best suited for and how Ruby on Rails differs from Ruby.
Beginning Rails: From Novice to Professional
Beginning Rails: From Novice to Professional, by Cloves Careiro Jr. and Jeffrey A. Hardy (July 2007). Discusses using ActiveRecord for working with databases, using ActionPack to join applications, REST enabled service, Ajax interface techniques for dynamic web pages, using ActionMailer (to send and receive), using plugins and testing code.
Practical Ruby on Rails: Social Networking Sites
Practical Ruby on Rails: Social Networking Sites, by Alan Bradburne (June 2007). Discusses the complete development cycle of a social networking website, developing a content management system, how to use the Ruby on Rails framework, implement and adapt features for a specific community, tips for development and testing, how to take a site live, maintain a site and optimize a site, integrating with Google Maps and Flickr, how to use rails’ Ajax features and adapting a site for mobile browsers.
Ruby on Rails Quick Reference
Ruby on Rails Quick Reference discusses creating a Rails application, creating new tables and migrations, unit testing, lists of items, templates, arrays, hashes, data objects, views, text formatting, Ajax forms, and editing.
Running Ruby on Rails on Sun Java System Web Serve
"Running Ruby on Rails on Sun Java System Web Server 7.0," by Seema Alevoor and Marina Sum. Discusses what Ruby on Rails (RoR) is, what its goals are, the Sun Java Web Server 7.0; how to install the Ruby language, RubyGems and Rails, creating a "Hello World" Ruby on Rails application and configuring Web Server 7.0.

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