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Ruby on Rails Resource Center

Ruby on Rails Training Courses
Pragmatic Studio: Ruby on Rails Training
Ruby on Rails Training from Pragmatic Studio. Courses include Ruby on Rails, and interactive workshop that covers writing Ruby code, creating web applications, using scaffolding, managing data, using Action Pack, using Active Record, using Ajax to create dynamic web applications, testing, deploying, tips and tricks and the major features of Rails; Advanced Rails covers advanced Ruby, the latest features of Rails, rich domain models, user experiences, testing, multi-client access, extending Rails, legacy databases, debugging, performance and scalability, deployment and agile development; Advanced Ruby covers advanced programming techniques, advanced meta-programming and real-world Ruby; Agile Developer covers what agility is, agile methodologies and practices, team organization, adaptive planning, coding level practices, test-driven development, mock objects, refractoring, architecture and design principles.
Introduction to Ruby on Rails
"Introduction to Ruby on Rails," from Accelebrate. This fee-based four-day course covers an overview of Rails, what you can do with Rails, framework principles, the model-view-controller framework, creating a Rails application, application directory layout, request handling, URL parsing, deployment, Ruby skills and tools, objects, methods, scalars, collections, sorting and filtering, classes, modules, control flow, attributes, iterators, exception and error handling, database creation, ActiveRecord models, database maintenance, ActionView essentials, using the ActionController, working with forms, session management, security, testing in Rails, Ajax, JavaScript, the Rails application console, the source code tree and the API.
Ruby on Rails Training Course
"Ruby on Rails Training Course," from Marakana is a fee-based four-day course that covers objects, classes, models, core Ruby, flow control, scope, blocks, Ruby for Rails, scaffold for jumpstart, Rails project structure, refractoring, the Rails architecture, controllers, associations, migrations, views, core Ruby extensions, testing, advanced controllers and models, Rails power tools, Ajax on Rails, acceptance testing and advanced Ajax on Rails.
Ruby on RailsTraining
"Ruby on Rails Training," by Al Anderson is a series of 94 lessons (7 hours) presented in tutorial format. Ten of these tutorials are available for free. Topics include web applications and Rails, what Rails can do, where Rails came from, Rails philosophies, MVC, the model, the controller, the command line, the text editor and a Ruby on Rails overview. Addition topics include installation, Rails application directory, Rails scripts, models, controllers, the mailer, scaffold, server script, console script, Rails applications, creating a MySQL database, basic links, basic forms, advanced models, views, testing, security, Ajax and deployment.

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