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Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) Resource Center
Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) FAQs
Service-Oriented Architecture FAQs from IBM. Topics include how to get started with SOA, the major benefits of SOA, the main obstacles, buying SOA or building SOA, how to integrate with legacy applications, and how does the Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) relate to SOA?
Microsoft’s SOA FAQ
FAQ: Microsoft’s SOA FAQ. Discusses what SOA is, the business value SOA provides, the business problems SOA solves, can SOA enable the alignment of business and IT?, is SOA a product?, will SOA implementation require a complete business overhaul?, costs involved in SOA implementation, is SOA technology only for large companies?, Microsoft’s SOA solutions, how to get started with SOA, and SOA pitfalls.
Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) FAQ
Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) FAQ from Hewlett-Packard. Topics include what SOA is, the benefits of SOA, the implications of adopting SOA, why consider SOA now versus later, how the HP approach to SOA is unique to the marketplace, what is involved in adopting SOA, and how to get started evaluating an SOA approach.

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Update :: November 17, 2019