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Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) Resource Center
Sample Chapters
Information and Communication Technologies
Sample chapter: “Introduction to Information and Communication Technologies,” and “Evolution of Information and Communication Technologies,” from Mobility, Security and Web Services: Technologies and Service-Oriented Architectures for a New Era of IT Solutions, by Gerhard Wiehler (August 2004). Discusses mobility, web services, service-oriented architecture, security, and IT paradigm shifts.
SOA What?
Sample chapter: “SOA What?” from Service-Oriented Architecture for Dummies, by Judith Hurwitz, Robin Bloor, Carol Baroudi, and Marcia Kaufman (November 2006). Discusses what SOA is, a history of SOA, reuse, and the SOA form.
Putting It All Together: SOA and Web 2.0
Sample chapter: “Putting It All Together,” from The New Language of Business: SOA and Web 2.0, by Sandy Carter (March 2007). Discusses growth, business flexibility, innovation, how to convince the business to use SOA, SOA and Web 2.0 become the enablers, learning from other companies, people and collaboration, better integration, conversion of architecture, process, information, connectivity and reuse, unlocking the business value of multiplier, SOA entry point scenarios, governance, and infrastructure and management.
Introduction to SOA
Sample chapter: “Introduction to SOA,” from Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA): Concepts, Technology and Design, by Thomas Erl (August 2005). Discusses what SOA is, the ideal SOA, the real SOA; understanding SOA, service orientation and web services; and learning how to build SOA with web services.
The Journey Begins: SOA
Sample chapter: “The Journey Begins: SOA,” from SOA for Profit: A Managers Guide to Success with Service-Oriented Architecture, by Martin van den Berg, Norbert Bieberstein and Erik van Ommeren (May 2007). Discusses what SOA is, the goals of SOA, the SOA target audience, the SOA structure, and why SOA?.
Introducing Service-Oriented Architecture
Sample chapter: “Introducing Service-Oriented Architecture,” from Expert Service-Oriented Architecture in C# 2005, by Jeffery Hasan and Mauricio Duran (August 2006). Presents an overview of SOA, and discusses what web services are, and the components of web service architecture.
Understanding Service-Oriented Architecture
Sample chapter: “Understanding Service-Oriented Architecture,” from Enterprise Service-Oriented Architectures: Concepts, Challenges, Recommendations, by James McGovern, Oliver Sims, Ashish Jain and Mark Little (April 2006). Discusses SOA concepts, Service-Oriented Architectures, service-based collaboration, the platform, web services, and enterprise IT and web services.
Introduction to the SOA Business Model
Sample chapter: “Introduction to the SOA Business Model,” from Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA): A Planning and Implementation Guide for Business and Technology, by Eric A. Marks and Michael Bell (April 2006). Discusses what SOA is, SOA elements, conceptual SOA vision, services, enabling technology, SOA governance and policies, metrics, organizational and behavioral model, behavior and culture; and SOA conceptual, architectural and organizational models.
Implementing the Service-Oriented Architecture
Sample chapter: “Introduction,” from Business Process Management with a Business Rules Approach: Implementing the Service-Oriented Architecture, by Tom Debevoise (September 2007). Discusses new service-oriented offerings, today’s challenges, Business Process Management (BPM), business rules, composing the service-oriented architecture with BPM/BR, the composite method, and the changing methodology.

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