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Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) Resource Center
Training Courses
Roadmap to SOA
"Roadmap to Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) from APSE Technology. This 2-day fee-based course how to clarify a company's definition of SOA, integrate legacy systems, explain financial and technical SOA issues to management, model the enterprise IT, model and design SOAs, leverage SOA patterns, IT interoperability, use XML schemas, utilize XSLT transformations, exercise SOAP messaging, use WSDL service level agreements, apply web services basic standards, and evaluate service.
Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) Training
Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) Training from the They offer a "Certificate of Training Program" that requires 8 courses. Courses include understanding SOA, designing service-oriented applications, SOA for architects, business process management, business rules with business process management (BPM), IP processes, business/IT architecture alignment, SOA integration, process modeling, and more.
Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) Training
Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) Training and Courseware from Web Age. A series of fee-based 1- to 5-day courses including "Mastering XML for SOA Web Services," "SOA Foundation Workshop," "Implementing SOA Governance," "Overview of XML and Web Services," "Introduction to SOA," "Mastering SOA and Design," "SOA for Architects," "SOA for Security Professionals," "SOA for Architects BizTalk Edition," "Mastering SOA Analysis and Design with .NET," "SOA for Architects," "Securing the Service-Oriented Enterprise," "SOA Best Practices for Technology," "SOA Immersion Bookcamp," and more.
IBM SOA Training Courses
Training courses: A complete list of IBM’s SOA web-based training courses. Free courses include: “WebSphere Application Server,” “WebSphere Foundation and process Choreography,” “WebSphereCommerce,” “WebSphere on iSeries,” WebSphere on System z,” WebSphere Portal VS.1,” WebSphere Portal VS.0,” “WebSphere Remote Access,” “WebSphere Tools and IDE,” “WebSphere Voice Middleware,” CICS Transaction Server,” and “SOA.” Fee-based course topics include WebSphere application server, WebSphere commerce, WebSphere DataPower, WebSphere enterprise service bus, WebSphere everyplace mobile portal, WebSphere on iSeries, WebSphere premises server and RFID, WebSphere remote server, WebSphere on System z, WebSphere tools and IDE, WebSphere transformation extender, and WebSphere voice middleware.
Value and Governance Model of SOA
Training course: “Introduction to the Value and Governance Model of Service-Oriented Architecture,” from IBM. This is a complementary 9-module web-based training course for architects with an understanding of SOA. Topics include an introduction to SOA, the business value of SOA, the technical value of SOA, an introduction to the governance model for SOA adoption, IBM assets and references, standards and industry references, and IBM Software Services for WebShpere (ISSW).

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