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Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) Resource Center
Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) Webcasts
SOA Webcasts
Webcasts: A series of 23 SOA webcasts presented by IBM. Topics include “SOA: Actionable Information for Business Optimization,” “Leverage Federated ESBs to Benefit a ‘Smart SOA,’” “Creating a Process-Driven Enterprise,” “Accelerating Business Agility with SOA,” “How is Your SOA Health? Get Your IT Fit for SOA!!” “Creating a Secure SOA Environment,” “IBM Software for System z: the Power of IMS SOA Solutions,” “The Application Server Revolution: Simple Access to Robust Features,” “Leverage Your Technology with the SOA ‘Universal” Messaging Backbone,” “Web 2.0 and SOA: People Driving Their Own Productivity,” “Drive Greater Process Agility with BPM Enabled by SOA and Business Services,” “Enabling Business Flexibility with IBM WebSphere Service Registry and Repository,” “The Basics of BPM and SOA” Why You Need Them,” “Increase the Speed and Accuracy of Your Decision Making with SOA,” “Making SOA Governance Real: Policy Management and Integrated Registries,” “IT Operations: The Key to Successful SOA Deployment,” “Enduring Impact Through SOA,” “SOA Quality Management: A Critical Aspect of Service Lifecycle Management,” “SOA Enabled Business Application Modernization: Increasing Business Flexibility by Service-Enabling Existing Assets,” “Master data Management with SOA,” and more.

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Update :: November 17, 2019