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Visual C++ Resource Center

Visual C++ FAQs, Forums and NewslettersMinimize
Microsoft Visual C++ FAQ
FAQ: This FAQ on Microsoft Visual C++ is broken down into several areas including newsgroups, the Visual C++ IDE, language and compiler issues, MFC, COM/ATL, Windows SDK, and inter-language issues. When an area is selected, a list of the questions for that topic appears along with the date the topic was lasted modified. Additional links are provided in some topics and code examples are given in some of the answers.
CodeProject Visual C++ Forum FAQ
FAQ: This FAQ covers questions pertaining to CodeProject Visual C++ forum. Questions are arranged by topic including the CodeProject forum, compiling and linking, debugging, Windows UI, console program, general C++, and MFC. Additional links are provided to other resources.
Microsoft Visual C++ General Forum
Forum: The Microsoft Visual C++ General forum. This forum deals with questions and development issues in Visual C++. Some of the topics include a daylight savings time update, multiple file specs, switching between forms, the GetClassName buffer, creating a dynamic two-dimensional array, and using hash_map in VC++ 6.0.
Microsoft Visual C++ Language Forum
Forum: The Microsoft Visual C++ Language Forum. This forum deals with issues related to the C++ language, compiler, linker extensions and technologies supported by Visual C++ 2005. Some of the topics covered in this forum include private assemblies, search path, link errors, dynamic link libraries (DLLs), inheritance, creating a custom string class, and the controlbar.
CodeGuru Visual C++ Forum
FAQ: CodeGuru’s forum on Visual C++. This forum considers the features and innovations expected on Orcas. Topics include Visual C++ Library updates for Vista, fixes to VC++ 2005, changes to the C++ standard and CodeDOM. Contributors to this forum include Jonathan Caves of the Visual C++ compiler team and Steve Teixeria, Visual C++ Group Program Manager.
Visual Studio® Developer Newsletter
Newsletter: Visual Studio® Developer newsletter from Pinnacle Publications is for Visual Studio programmers. The newsletter covers languages (including Visual C++) and technologies that will help you get the most out of Visual Studio. Paid subscription offers access to back issues (the last 15 years) and source code from Visual Basic Developer and Visual Studio.NET Developer. A free sample issue is available to download.

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