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Windows Presentation Foundation Resource Center

Windows Presentation Foundation Blogs
Windows Presentation Foundation Blog
The Windows Presentation Foundation Blog discusses the Windows Live translator, testing using WPF UI automation, 3.5 features (Viewport2DVisual3D and Addins), live search in a Silverlight avatar, WPF tools, WPF samples and more.
Windows Presentation Foundation Team Blog
The WPF Team Blog discusses testing using WPF UI automation, features including Viewport2DVisual3D, Addins, enabled hyperlinks in RichTextBox, and filtering text with IME languages. Additional topics include 3D, Avalon, binding, events, imaging and more.
WPF Weblogs
Microsoft .NET Framework WPF weblogs. Topics include Smalltalk sessions in XBAP, using listview, bitmap interop, DependencyProperty changes, NewsReader apps, capturing Frame content, .NET 3.0. .NET 3.5, 3D, Vista, WinFX, WPF tools and more.

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