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Windows Presentation Foundation Resource Center

Windows Presentation Foundation Resource Sites
Validation in WPF
Article: “Validation in Windows Presentation Foundation,” by Paul Stovell. Discusses WPF validation, the ExceptionValidationRule, displaying errors, customized ValidationRules, controlling when to validate, where does an ErrorProvider fit in, the IDataErrorInfo, and creating an ErrorProvider.
.NET Framework Developer Center WPF Site
Microsoft’s .NET Framework Developer Center Windows Presentation Foundation site. Resources include information for beginner developers new to WPF, articles, demos, examples, videos, labs, information about data binding, graphics and imaging, interop, migration, templates, printing and more.
Top 10 UI Breakthroughs in WPF
Article: “Top Ten UI Development Breakthroughs in Windows Presentation Foundation,” by Ian Griffiths and Chris Sells. Discusses advanced graphics, the drawing object model, rich application text, adaptable UI layout, the flexible content model, lookless controls, the data-driven UI, consistent styles, triggers, and declarative programming.
Basics of Ink in Windows Presentation Foundation
Tutorial: “Basics of Ink in Windows Presentation Foundation,” by Billy Hollis. Discusses what the Ink application in WPF is and how it works, the InkCanvas, using XAML to create Ink-enabled surfaces, Ink over media, storing Ink, and basic Ink recognition in WPF.
Events in Windows Presentation Foundation
Article: “Events in Windows Presentation Foundation,” by Keyvan Nayyeri. Discusses what the Windows Presentation Foundation is and how it works, routing strategy, bubble events, direct events, tunnel events, event handlers, event argument handler, event argument types including RoutedEvent, KeyEvent, MouseEvent, MouseButtonEvent, TextChangedEvent, SelectionChangedEvent, ScroolChanged and the DependencyPropertyChanged.
SQL Server Stored Procedure Generator Using WPF
Article: “Creating a SQL Server Stored Procedure Generator Using WPF,” by Brian Mains. Discusses what stored procedures are, system views, the SQL Server database, data types, tree creation, TreeView tables and columns, and stored procedure creation.
Add Video to Controls and 3D Surfaces with WPF
Article: “Add Video to Controls and 3D Surfaces with WPF,” by Lee Brimelow. Discusses common way of adding digital media to files, using the MediaElement control, using the MediaPlayer class, embedding video inside WPF controls, creating a wet floor effect, mapping video into 3D surfaces, rendering bitmaps from video frames, and audio capabilities in WPF.
Using Templates to Customize WPF Controls
Article: “Using Templates to Customize WPF Controls,” by Charles Petzold. Discusses dumping the defaults, the visual tree, template triggers, the ProgressBar control, anatomy of a scrollbar, button commands, creating a 3D slider, and using templates in moderation.
Microsoft Developer Network Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) site. Topics include getting started, application development, WPF fundamentals, accessibility, controls, data, documents, graphics and multimedia, globalization and localization, migration and interoperability, security, samples, general references, class library, and tools.
WPF Data Binding with C# 2005
Article: “Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) Data Binding with C# 2005,” by Christian Nagel. Discusses what the Windows Presentation Foundation is, data binding, simple object binding, object data provider, and list binding.
The Command Pattern in WPF
Article: “The Command Pattern in Windows Presentation Foundation,” by Jelle Druyts. Discusses the command design pattern, commands in WPF, executing commands, the ICommand interface, the RoutedCommand class, the RoutedIUCommand class, built-in commands, handling commands, custom commands, input gestures, input bindings, the execute method, using the command property, command binding, handling the execute event, and enabling commands.
Build a Great User Experience with WPF
Article: “Build a Great User Experience with Windows Presentation Foundation,” by Michael Weinhardt. Discusses application type, the window, Page class, Hyperlink class, NavigationWindow, NavigationService, XAML browser applications, frame, WPF resources, and the PageFunction.

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