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Windows Presentation Foundation Resource Center

Windows Presentation Foundation Tutorials
WPF Video Tutorials
Videos: Microsoft WindowsClient.NET video tutorials. There are 22 Windows Presentation Foundation video tutorials. Topics include implementing property triggers in WPF, style inheritance using BasedOn in WPF, apply styles in WPF, deploying a standard, WPF application using ClickOnce and Visual Studio, new features in WPF 3.5, create and browse loose XAML files, use the Page functions to retrieve data and pass it back to a previous page, passing data between pages in navigation-based applications, WPF navigation application, create gadget-style windows in WPF, accessing command line parameters, how to use Isolated Storage, build a standard WPF application, creating navigation applications in WPF, creating animated buttons in Blend, continuous random animation, reflections with Visual Studio and Blend, binding to CLR collections in XAML, controlling WPF 3D with external sensors, creating a split button in Blend, building an interactive 3D video player and incorporating PNG sequences into WPF. Additional tutorials are available for Windows Forms and Acropolis.

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Update :: November 17, 2019