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Windows Presentation Foundation Resource Center

Windows Presentation Foundation Videos
WPF Videos
Videos: A series of videos (over 20 hours) presented by Microsoft team members and experts. Categories include WPF Lab Presentations, Acropolis Tech-Ed Presentations, MIX 2007 Presentations, MIX 2006 Presentations, WPF Presentations and Expression presentations. Topics include demos from Cynergy Software, Silicon Studio Software, Fujitsu Software, Lab 49 Software and API Software; building rich clients UI with Acropolis and the Acropolis client application framework; productivity in WPF, WPF and the 2008 Olympic Games, WPF and the next generation online comic book reading, WPF in real world development, real world experiences of WPF and Silverlight, design rich client experiences Expression Blend and WPF, and WPF for developers; building WPF real world applications, a designers overview of WPF, developing a WPF application, and more.
WPF Application Demos
Application samples: A series of 24 demo applications for the Windows Presentation Foundation that highlight its features. Demos include a calculator, cube animation, data binding, drop shadow ink, font dialog box, layout to layout transitions, notepad, photo flipper and more.
WPF Technology Demos
Technology samples: A series of ten technology demos for the Windows Presentation Foundation platform that show specific use of its features. Topics include getting started with WPF samples, application development samples, WPF fundamentals, accessibility samples, controls samples, data samples, document samples, graphics and multimedia samples, globalization and localization samples, and migration and interoperability samples.
YouTube WPF Videos
Videos: Over 900 Windows Presentation Foundation videos include “WPF in Action,” “WPF 2005 Beethoven Virus Live,” “Intro to WPF Part One: xamlpad,” “WPF Mashup,” “Ink Features in WPF,” “Intro to WPF Part Two: Visual Studio and Expression,” “Creating WPF Animation list by EDI,” “Power of WPF,” “Intro to WPF Part Three: Richer Typography,” and more.

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